Cartago, Costa Rica: A hidden gem

Ridden with volcanoes, lush rain forests, high mountains and beautiful beaches, Costa Rica is a hub for tourists — and in my case studying abroad!

I am counting down the days (nine to be exact) to when I will be sitting on the beach, drinking a lemonade with the sun on my face. I will be living in the 3rd largest city in Costa Rica called Cartago. Cartago has a population of around 160,000 and sits at the base of the famous Irazu Volcano. I am excited to explore this city and all it has to offer. During my 5 months abroad I plan to travel around and experience the beautiful country as a whole and I can’t wait to share all of my unique experiences.

Basilica in the center of Cartago

I will be using this blog to not only show the beautiful sites of Costa Rica, but to give insight on what it is like to go to school in a different country. I intend to share my hardships, my favorites activities, talk about school work, and most importantly to share the amazing experience I am about to embark on. I will be posting lots of pictures along with my blogs and you can also find them on my Instagram (@arnettabroad). You will be hearing from me very soon! Enjoy!

IMG_0330Ryhan Arnett is a junior at SDSU studying International Business with a focus in Spanish and Latin America. She will study this spring studying at Tecnológico de Costa Rica and taking classes focused in management and Costa Rican culture. 

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