Wouldn’t Change a Thing

And just like that my study abroad trip is over. Looking back at a photo taken on my first night in Morocco when I stayed with a host family in Rabat, I am paradoxically mind-boggled.

On one hand, that night feels like yesterday since my trip went by so fast. But it also feels like forever ago because so much has changed since then. A month ago, I was a different person. Read More

Lacking in Language 

At our first general study abroad meeting—the one required for all programs—students were asked what they were most nervous about. The most popular answer was “the language barrier.”

For me, visiting a Muslim country, I was most concerned about gender roles and my place as a woman in society. But now, during my trip, I’ve discovered language, rather than gender, to be the most fascinating factor. Read More

American “Taliba” in Morocco

What it means to be an American “Taliba” in Morocco:

1. There are no trash cans anywhere

One of the first things I noticed when I landed in Morocco is the absence of garbage cans. It’s near impossible to find a place to toss your trash. I’m baffled as to where they put it all. In Rabat, every once in a while there would be a large cardboard box or established pile of trash in a street corner. When exploring different cities, I get excited if I stumble upon an actual trash can.  Read More

The Road to Morocco

A Desire to Travel 

I have never been north of Wisconsin, south of California, east of Washington DC, or west of Hawaii. In a week that will all change. I will embark on my first–and far from last–journey outside of the United States. Read More

Moroccan Magic

Rubi went from Barcelona to Morocco where she rode on the back of a camel, saw Marrakesh and the Sahara desert, and represented SDSU in her Be International shirt. But see for yourself and experience Morocco through Rubi’s eyes with her photos and captions below! Read More