Coming Full Circle

Though I am still in Europe, my time in France has come to an end. The semester ended two weeks ago, and I am finishing up my last bit of travels as I write this. It is now… Read More

And Then the Sun Came Out

I hope this does not surprise anyone, but Europe is much colder than California. I witnessed this firsthand four months ago when I arrived in London. I had just flown into the coldest winter that I have ever… Read More

Grazie for the Opportunity!

One of the most pleasant surprises I got from the University of Mannheim is that students do not get one but two weeks of spring break! Once I heard that I was beyond excited because that meant I… Read More

PROST! German drinking culture, explained

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of Germany, and their response will likely be “lederhosen,” “pretzels” or “beer.” These three concepts have a pretty specific tie to Bavaria’s Oktoberfest, and Germans from just about every… Read More

Spring in Venice

I walked along the Lido Beach, the sun kissing my skin and leaving its red lipstick all over my white body. It’s almost comforting being sunburned — all that means to me is I spent much-needed time in… Read More

Facing My Demons in the Land of the Tulips

These posts should be about my new experiences. My travels, the friends I have made, the awesome things I have done and the overall culturally enriching experience of study abroad. I could take this opportunity to share the… Read More

Spring is Here!

Before arriving in Germany, one of the biggest concerns for me was winter. Living all my life in Southern California, I didn’t really have a proper experience with temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and I… Read More

Five Places in Madrid for Foodies

There’s so much to love about Madrid. Everything from partaking in the late nightlife to the mid-day siesta immerses you in the Spanish culture every day. But being the foodie that I am, my favorite thing about this… Read More

The Festival of Fire

Calling all pyromaniacs in the world! Yes, you read that right: There’s a full week in Spain dedicated to FIRE! Before you watch the video of my short 12-hour day in Valencia to see the festivities, let me give… Read More

Registering for Classes and Exams in Germany

Last semester, registering for classes was intense. It was my first time learning how the system works in Germany and learning about the registration deadlines. But now in my second semester it was better because I’ve already been… Read More