The Iberian Peninsula

I cannot believe that this is my final week in Lisbon, Portugal before I return home to San Diego. My time here may have been short, but it was filled with such amazing experiences that I will cherish… Read More

Is This Really Home?

Three hundred and thirty-six days: That is how much time I spent away from home this year. Well, that is how much time I spent away from my San Diego home. Eleven months: That is how much time… Read More

The Green Island

The island of São Miguel is called the green island because it is the greenest of the seven islands that make up the volcanic archipelago of the Azores. Within the forest of green you will find volcanos, lakes,… Read More

An Adventure to Remember in Xi’an

As I continued with my studies and made new friends, I was presented with the idea to travel with my friend, Feli. Feli, short for a German name that means happiness, invited me to explore more of China… Read More

Crossing Three Seasons During Spring Break

One of the things I love about studying in the U.S. is that we have all kinds of breaks. Can you believe that one month after getting back from Winter Break everyone starts to think about where to… Read More

Building Up to This

Guten Tag from Marburg! Spring is in full bloom here (for now, as Germany’s weather is completely unpredictable) and with classes starting, a little sunshine is just what we need. Coming from San Diego, I was sure that… Read More

Hong Kong and “The Monkey King”

Greetings from Macau! Today I wanted to discuss my trip to Hong Kong as well as a theater show I saw just last week at the Sands Cotai Theater, “The Monkey King.”

A Long Layover in Vietnam

One of the best things about studying at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) was the 10-week semester. While all my friends in San Diego still were still studying for finals, I was finished with my semester and ready to… Read More

Exploring Sydney

You will find many amazing places and things to do around Sydney, these are my favorite!

Solo Trip to the Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise doesn’t sound like a bad place to visit when you need a break from busy Sydney, am I right? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to surf because of strong winds, but I still made the best of my… Read More