Hungarian Food: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

1. Donuts

My roommate offered to make me traditional Hungarian donuts, which are quite possibly my favorite Hungarian food that I’ve tried so far. They are made similarly to american donuts, but she served them with her homemade peach and strawberry jams, which really made this dessert stand out.

Photo 1

2. Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács)

A sweet street food, Chimney cake is a distant cousin to the churro, with its crunchy, sweet, cinnamon exterior and fluffy inside. It’s a really delightful treat.

Photo 2

3. Goulash (Gulyás)

Perhaps the only Hungarian food that people in the states have heard of, goulash is a true classic. I have to admit, I consider myself to be a bit of a soup fanatic, so goulash for me is the perfect comfort food as it’s warm and hearty.

Photo 3

4. Langos

Fried dough covered in sour cream and cheese? Why, that sounds downright American! This popular street food is really heavy and best shared with a few friends.

Photo 4

5. Macaroons with Palinka

I may not be a fan of Palinka on its own, but these macaroons incorporated plum Palinka in the filling, which made them quite tasty.

Photo 5

6. Chocolate Cake (Somloi Galuska)

This dessert has been dubbed “Hungary’s favorite cake,” containing a dark chocolate rum sauce, sponge cake, walnuts and whipped cream.

Photo 6

7. Paprika sauce

I’m a sucker for spicy sauces, and the many different paprika sauces in Hungary have helped me miss Sriracha only slightly less. Still, I’m pretty thankful for these little jars of spiciness.

Photo 7

The Bad

8. Palinka

An alcohol made from plums, grapes, cherries or peaches? That sounds delightful! Until you learn that Palinka is usually at least 50% alcohol, which means this alcohol carries a very strong burn with only mildly fruity flavors. The store bought stuff is pretty awful, but I have to admit I’ve developed a fondness for my roommate’s homemade peach Palinka.

Photo 8

9. Unicum

Similar to Jaegermeister, but with the familiar stinging bite of Palinka. It’s like this stuff was engineered to give drinkers a terrible hangover. Like a bad 80’s workout video, Unicum will make you “feel the burn.”

Photo 9

10. Sour Cream

It’s white, it’s goopy, and it’s taken over Hungary. In the states, this topping is typical reserved for baked potatoes or as a dip, but in Hungary, sour cream is in just about everything, including this greek yogurt.

Photo 10

The Ugly

11. Rooster Testicle Stew 

Now did you really think I’d try this?

Photo 11

12. Lard on Bread (Zsirkenyer)

Bread and butter? Delicious. Bread and lard? Not so much.

Photo 12

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