Arrivederci Italia!

Buongiorno Amici! Students in the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, Connecting Art and Science – The Cultural History of Art and Anatomy in Italy, have just completed the final component of their course.


Students in my Faculty -Led Study Abroad Program, Connecting Art and Science – The Cultural History of Art and Anatomy in Italy have spent the past four days in Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance. When we departed Florence yesterday, the students… Read More

Ci Piace Roma!

Ciao da Roma! The SDSU Faculty-Led Study Abroad program I’m teaching, “Connecting Art and Science – The Cultural History of Art and Anatomy in Italy” convened in Rome last Sunday evening. Since then it’s been a whirlwind exploration of The Eternal City.

Two Weeks in Italy

The two weeks I spent in Rimini were amazing to say the least. Some can say it is hard to get a real cultural experience in two weeks, but I would have to say they are wrong. Because… Read More

Back to School and Loving the Experience of Italy

I have been traveling at lot in the past month so when it came time to actually start my program it was a little challenging to get into the mindset of school. I grew so used to doing… Read More

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for…

There’s a lot to adapt to when studying abroad. The food, environment, weather and meeting new people. But one of the strangest things to wrap my head around is this: What do you mean, no Thanksgiving?!

A Piece Of Home

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest parts about studying abroad is being away from your family. Being away from them when I’m at school in San Diego is hard enough, but it’s a very difficult adjustment when you’re halfway… Read More

Living In A History Book: Welcome to Rome

The eternal city… or what I like to call, a live action history book. Rome is essentially the biggest free history and art museum in the world. A city of romance and gladiators, cobblestone and graffiti accenting most… Read More

My Last Post: Vatican City

I am now back home in the U.S. and I am sad to say that this is my last post for Be International. It has been an incredible opportunity to document and share my Italian-European adventures. For my… Read More

Goals Met

The last two weeks of my study abroad trip consisted of going to two places that I have dreamed of visiting since I was a kid. First, I visited Venice, the Italian town built on water. Venice has… Read More