The Iberian Peninsula

I cannot believe that this is my final week in Lisbon, Portugal before I return home to San Diego. My time here may have been short, but it was filled with such amazing experiences that I will cherish… Read More

Visiting the Beautiful Ports of Costa Brava

Would it be too much of an exaggeration to say this overnight excursion to Costa Brava has been two of my happiest days of my life? Because it absolutely was.

‘Do You Like Jazz?’

If you understand the reference in the headline, then I apologize. That said, don’t bother looking it up because it’s from a pretty bad film. Anyway, this post actually relates to our trip to the La Casa de… Read More

Welcome to Granada

After four days of non-stop travel in Madrid, El Escorial and Toledo, I have finally started to settle down in Granada; a small but busy city with a relaxed lifestyle. The phrase, “no pasa nada” roughly translating to… Read More

My First 24 Hours in Barcelona

After the fiasco of having to arrange a new flight at the last minute, I believed this first day in Barcelona wouldn’t be enough the balance the stress I felt from it all. And yet it completely did.

A Day to Myself 

After having a full night’s rest, I knew that I would be able to take more advantage of today, as opposed to yesterday’s insomnia-driven (yet still fun) day. I started the day with a morning jog to Barceloneta,… Read More

Introducing our Summer bloggers

With Spring semester officially over and warmer months ahead, we’re excited to welcome a new crop of study abroad bloggers for Summer 2017! Before you start to follow them on their exciting adventures around the globe, let them tell… Read More

The Festival of Fire

Calling all pyromaniacs in the world! Yes, you read that right: There’s a full week in Spain dedicated to FIRE! Before you watch the video of my short 12-hour day in Valencia to see the festivities, let me give… Read More

Spain is too chill for me

Oh Spain, such a beautiful country that I am still not used to. It’s been over a month since I arrived and even though I am accustomed to being here and honestly didn’t really get home sick, there… Read More

Eight Pre-Departure Study Abroad Tips

Applying to scholarships might seem like a daunting task that takes a lot of time, but it is worth it in the end.