Coming Full Circle

Though I am still in Europe, my time in France has come to an end. The semester ended two weeks ago, and I am finishing up my last bit of travels as I write this. It is now… Read More

And Then the Sun Came Out

I hope this does not surprise anyone, but Europe is much colder than California. I witnessed this firsthand four months ago when I arrived in London. I had just flown into the coldest winter that I have ever… Read More

Staying mentally and physically healthy while abroad

I’m about halfway through my study abroad experience and already I have learned a lot from my time in Spain, especially when it comes to my lifestyle and health. Before leaving for Spain I think I had a well… Read More

A Little About Me in a New Place

I am known to be a loud and very smiley extrovert who loves to always see the positive side of things and make the best out of life for others and myself. I am Mexican-Iranian-American in America, but here… Read More

Everyone Should Know What it’s Like to Go it Alone

I’m sitting in my cozy Rotterdam apartment, coffee in hand, rushing to finish assignments that are due on blackboard in less than an hour. I swear, I’m usually better about not procrastinating, but life as a student-traveler has… Read More

We Are All Right Where We Are Supposed to Be.

With a little less than half of my time already over here in the Netherlands, there is one thing that I have learned and will take away from my voyage abroad. Note that I say voyage abroad instead of… Read More

Sawadee Ka to a New Way of Life

I am currently sitting in a cafe in Nimman, Chiang Mai, a place I like to think of as the SoHo of Thailand. The streets are filled with hip restaurants, massage studios and thrift stores. The cute cozy… Read More

New Year, New Country, New Adventures!

A few days before we began our volunteer work up in the highlands of Costa Rica, my classmate and I decided to do some exploring along the Pacific coast. We arrived in the country on December 29 in San Jose… Read More

The Mexican-American Experience

I have been studying in the U.S. since I was 14 years old. In the beginning it was not easy to be in an unknown country. The language seemed unusable, the people different and – for me –… Read More

Six Things I Learned in My Sophomore Year

How’s everyone’s first week of school so far? I’m so excited to be back to school as a junior! But first I’d like to offer some suggestions to those new sophomores.