Coming Full Circle

Though I am still in Europe, my time in France has come to an end. The semester ended two weeks ago, and I am finishing up my last bit of travels as I write this. It is now… Read More

Two Weeks in Italy

The two weeks I spent in Rimini were amazing to say the least. Some can say it is hard to get a real cultural experience in two weeks, but I would have to say they are wrong. Because… Read More

Farewell, Finland!

My study abroad in Finland has concluded after four transformative weeks. As I begin the long and tedious journey back home, I compiled a short film in which snippets of my study abroad are shown.

中国再见 (goodbye China)

After a 16-hour flight I’m back home in San Diego. My year abroad has been filled with adventure, challenges, friendships and so much more. There are so many things that I learned abroad that would have been difficult… Read More

Release Your Expectations

We all do it. We make expectations for how we want certain things to turn out, on a small and large scale. Well, I’m no different. I had high expectations for my adventures abroad in Southeast Asia from… Read More

A Guide to Singapore and Southeast Asia

Hello everyone! Well, this marks my final post for SDSU: Be International! For this one, I am going to provide a brief guide to Singapore and several other nations that I traveled to while in Southeast Asia.

Au Revoir, Belle France

Bonjour! Time passed by so fast that my time here has already come to an end. I had a fulfilling day today, having finished my final presentation, delivered a 66-page consulting report to the client and attended the… Read More

That’s a Wrap

As the most memorable semester of my life is coming to a close, I would like to share some final thoughts with you all about what I am taking away from my experience abroad. “Getting lost and finding… Read More

An Experience Like No Other

As my study abroad journey continues, I can’t help but to be more and more thankful for what I am experiencing. Not only am I studying at a phenomenal university, I’m also studying in one of the most… Read More

A Piece Of Home

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest parts about studying abroad is being away from your family. Being away from them when I’m at school in San Diego is hard enough, but it’s a very difficult adjustment when you’re halfway… Read More