Crossing Three Seasons During Spring Break

One of the things I love about studying in the U.S. is that we have all kinds of breaks. Can you believe that one month after getting back from Winter Break everyone starts to think about where to… Read More

It’s Never Late to Fight for Humanity

For a long time I’ve been a “good” girl; the ideal and traditional Asian girl. No drugs or alcohol, finishing my homework on time and reporting everything to my parents. However, America changed me – or maybe I’ve just… Read More

A Great Place a For Day Trip in SoCal

If you live in SoCal and love nature, there is a place you should go before winter comes – Big Bear Lake!

My First No-Phone Day

The iPhone 7 came out a month ago with all kinds of fancy technology. Naturally, my phone dropped on the ground and the screen cracked. I thought it would survive until Black Friday, but to my dismay, it died yesterday…. Read More

Six Things I Learned in My Sophomore Year

How’s everyone’s first week of school so far? I’m so excited to be back to school as a junior! But first I’d like to offer some suggestions to those new sophomores.

Tips for Taking A Train Trip in the U.S.

Someone told me “to travel is to live.” I took the Amtrak Coast Starlight train to Seattle few weeks ago. This is my first time traveling alone in America. I was so excited and nervous before this train… Read More

The Adventure That Started Three Years Ago

I still remember that summer three years ago when a 5-foot-tall teenager took a 12-hour flight and carried two 29-inch bags as she arrived on U.S. soil. I knew this would be a new adventure for me because, before I came… Read More