The Voice from Auschwitz

 “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana. 

Why going somewhere that deems to make your heart heavy? From Warsaw Old Town to Wieliczka Salt Mine, there are quite a lot more to see in Poland that bring you delight. But getting a closer look at this eastern European country which emerged as a developed country in the 21st century, you will find its history full of scars: its territory being completely wiped out from the map twice by Germans and Russians, 85% of its capital city Warsaw being destroyed into ruins during World War II, and its soil being soaked with blood of over 1 million war victims of the most catastrophic genocide in human history: Auschwitz.

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Cartago, Costa Rica: A hidden gem

Ridden with volcanoes, lush rain forests, high mountains and beautiful beaches, Costa Rica is a hub for tourists — and in my case studying abroad!

I am counting down the days (nine to be exact) to when I will be sitting on the beach, drinking a lemonade with the sun on my face. I will be living in the 3rd largest city in Costa Rica called Cartago. Cartago has a population of around 160,000 and sits at the base of the famous Irazu Volcano. I am excited to explore this city and all it has to offer. During my 5 months abroad I plan to travel around and experience the beautiful country as a whole and I can’t wait to share all of my unique experiences.

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Introducing the Spring 2020 Be International Bloggers!

More than 3,000 San Diego State University students will study abroad during the 2019-20 school year, traveling to six continents and having experience that will help develop the next generation of global citizens.

As the spring semester kicks off today, hundreds of students will begin their study abroad experience. We introduce you to nine students who will chronicle those experiences as the newest faces on the Be International Blog.

As always, we let them tell you about themselves — in their own words!

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14 days, from Boston all the way down to Washington D.C.


I went on a 14-day trip to three east coast cities in America: four days in Boston, five days in New York, three days in Philadelphia and the last three days in Washington D.C. It was an enriching journey yet very tiring- we walked at least 15,000 steps per day to travel from place to place. We even did a crazy thing that I have never imagined before, that is to stand in Times Square for 12 hours to wait for the Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve!

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Finding My Home Away From Home

Being in Indonesia is like a breath of fresh air I didn’t know I needed. I’ve only been here four months and already I’ve crossed off some things on a bucket list I never thought I would be able to touch. I traveled outside of the U.S. alone (and didn’t manage to get lost or detained), met my family for the first time in over twenty years, took a solo vacation, challenged myself to take a class in another language, tried new food, visited beautiful green jungles and waded through endless rivers being among the few on that list.

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Living the good life – on a budget

Life in Japan is getting much easier. I am getting used to my exchange program at Sophia University. This semester I am only enrolled in four courses which include Japanese, International Finance, Consumer Behavior, and  Venture Management. So far this semester has not been extremely challenging in terms of the coursework. I believe my biggest academic challenge is just balancing how much time I spend studying versus how much time I am out exploring Japan. I am also in my senior year of college so my motivation is at an all-time high to finish college strong and come back to the United States prepared to enter the workforce. This past week I just completed my first round of midterms, so I am currently waiting for my results. Continue reading “Living the good life – on a budget”

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