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Experiencing New Years in Rome

Hello from Rome, Italy! Our group of students from San Diego State arrived here on New Years Eve, and though we were unbelievably jet lagged and exhausted, we stayed awake and celebrated the holiday in a different country. We were lucky enough to witness fireworks over the Coliseum – a once in a lifetime experience. There were thousands of people around the Coliseum, and you could feel the excitement in the air as the New Year approached. People cheered and more fireworks went off once the countdown ended. This was more than a great start to our two-week faculty-led study abroad program.

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Meet our Winter Break and Spring 2017 Bloggers!

As we ring in a new year, we’re excited to welcome a new crop of study abroad bloggers for Winter Break and Spring Semester 2017! Before you start to follow them on their exciting adventures around the globe, let them tell you a little about themselves.

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A Long Layover in Vietnam

One of the best things about studying at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) was the 10-week semester. While all my friends in San Diego still were still studying for finals, I was finished with my semester and ready to travel home. At this point I had a few options, I could go home a few months early and twiddle my thumbs or I could take a detour and travel through Vietnam. I picked the latter.

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Observations About Mannheim

My first semester in Mannheim is coming to an end. Because of finals, it didn’t really hit me that some of us are at the end of our exchange program. I want to point out a couple of observations that I came across while studying abroad in hopes that it will help future students on their journey in Mannheim.

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A Week in the Arctic!

This last week I went to the Finnish Lapland with the international student group at my university. We left early Sunday morning and drove up to Stockholm where we took the ferry for a 10-plus hour drive to Helsinki, Finland.

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Scenes From a Friendsgiving in Spain

Thanksgiving was just little over a week ago. It feels weird to not spend it with your family since it’s such an important holiday for any American. But if you’re lucky you can share that especial holiday with especial people.

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The Bad and the Good of Seoul

After being in Korea for more than three months it is safe to say that I have noticed some things I am not particularly fond of. These are things that not everyone does, but I have noticed them more often than not. Also, there are a bunch of things that you won’t find in America that I would gladly accept if they migrated across the Pacific.

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Making the Most Out of Study Abroad


Since my time here in England is coming to an end, I feel a great deal of pressure to take advantage of my last six weeks. I’ve booked flights and train tickets to several other countries in order to make the most of my study abroad experience, but one thing I really enjoy doing is just staying at my university and spending time with the friends I’ve made here.

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Day in the Life: University of Kent


With two months already gone by in England, it feels like I’ve finally established a routine to my weekdays. Here’s what I get up to on a normal school day at Kent.

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An International Friendsgiving to Be Thankful For


Even though Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here in Germany, I was well aware of the approaching date. The biggest reminder was when I FaceTimed my family, and my younger sister said that they were already on Thanksgiving break. This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family, and I didn’t know what to make of it or how to feel. As the date approached Thursday I was beginning to feel a little sad – a little empty.

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