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The (Bumpy) Road to Sydney

The 10 day road trip from Cairns (pronounced Cans) to Sydney wouldn’t have been the same without the two speeding tickets, cracked windshield and small fender bender. These few hiccups didn’t stop my sister and I from having a great time.

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Familia Multicultural

Life is better with friends, with adventures and love. It´s been almost one month since I left U.S. and I already have love in Monterrey. Since, August 2 I have gotten to know 11 Europeans. Life works in a mysterious way because I lost a friend and I received 11 new friends. They have been with me since the day we decided to go to “Las luchas libres.”

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Easing Pre-Departure Worries as a Vegan

I am heading off to Sweden in a few days for a trip that will last me nine months. Like most people traveling to a foreign country I am a little worried: Will I have too much stuff with me? Will I have too little? Will I stick out? Will I make friends? But there is one question I ask myself that may be a little more unique; what will I eat?

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How to Afford Traveling (Working Student Edition)

I’ve been traveling internationally for the past 10 years and one question that I’m consistently asked is “how can you afford it?” As a full time student and restaurant server paying her own way in life, most people cannot understand how I could whisk off on an extended vacation every summer. Well, the answer lies in the bag of tricks I’ve accumulated along the way and below are a few of my best tips!

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A Farewell Climb in China

Stairs and stairs and stairs and stairs, and just when you think you reach the stop, you’re staring at another 3 mile long staircase. Once I finished up my school program at Tsinghua University, I eagerly took the earliest train out of Beijing and headed toward west Xi’an.

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Passing Judgement: Amazon Boat Rides, Cultures, Giant Moths and Cariacu


The second two places I visited had my mind working a million miles and hour and jumping around like an Amazonian spider.

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‘Seeing’ Through a Different Perspective

When traveling it is important to be open and willing to see something from a new perspective.  Other cultures can do the simplest things completely different.  For example, in Germany it is customary to sit and have heated discussions in the beer gardens whereas it might not be as widely accepted here in the United States.  The best part about traveling is seeing through a new lens.
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Questions I Asked Myself While Studying Abroad

What form of transportation should I use to travel to my dream destination this weekend?

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Solace in the City

Ahhhhh … inner city transport. Most people describe this means of transportation as: crowded, loud, smelly and at least once a week a drug addict will be itching to explain the ways of the universe to you. But I adore my underground journeys for two reasons.

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A New Home

Sometimes we believe that nothing can hurt us. That people die, but not us. We believe that we are full of opportunities and that nothing can stop us.

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