And Then the Sun Came Out

I hope this does not surprise anyone, but Europe is much colder than California. I witnessed this firsthand four months ago when I arrived in London. I had just flown into the coldest winter that I have ever… Read More

The Adventure Begins: My First Days in New Zealand

After many weeks of waiting, numerous applications and forms completed, and a nearly 30-hour long journey, I am finally here in Auckland, New Zealand to begin my semester program at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). It’s surreal to… Read More

Making the Most Out of Study Abroad

Since my time here in England is coming to an end, I feel a great deal of pressure to take advantage of my last six weeks. I’ve booked flights and train tickets to several other countries in order… Read More

Exploring Sydney

You will find many amazing places and things to do around Sydney, these are my favorite!

A Firsthand Look at Tbilisi, Georgia (Not the state Georgia!)

Welcome to Tbilisi, Georgia: The city that loves you! I count this as my first day because I wasn’t able to make it to my first tour. And by that, I mean that I arrived a day late at… Read More

Amazing – and inexpensive – travels around Mexico

Traveling around Mexico is really cheap. The hotels are cheap, the food, the souvenirs – my friends and I have found a lot of tours to visit different areas. About three weeks ago we went to Coahuila the state… Read More

Familia Multicultural

Life is better with friends, with adventures and love. It´s been almost one month since I left U.S. and I already have love in Monterrey. Since, August 2 I have gotten to know 11 Europeans. Life works in a mysterious… Read More

Questions I Asked Myself While Studying Abroad

What form of transportation should I use to travel to my dream destination this weekend?

A New Home

Sometimes we believe that nothing can hurt us. That people die, but not us. We believe that we are full of opportunities and that nothing can stop us.

Balancing Being a Tourist and Being a Student

As my final weeks in Australia are approaching, so are finals. I’ve been in the library more than I have all semester and have used my free time to explore Sydney as much as possible. It has been… Read More