Post-Soviet Universities and the American Perspective

I have never felt more spoiled and understood why people have this love-hate relationship with the United States until I walked into a classroom in the country of Georgia. I came with a group of about 18 other… Read More

Traveling Abroad With Mental Illness

Mental health is a subject that is highly taboo in America. There is little to no discussion on the topic which creates a culturally accepted climate of ignorance surrounding the issue. This post is a means of showing the… Read More

My family visited and Irish they could stay forever

Two weeks ago, my brother and friend flew close to 6,000 miles across the world to visit me in Maastricht and I’ve been excited for them to come since the beginning of my time here. However, during my first few… Read More

Community and Connections Abroad

I am in awe of how quickly my first week has gone by. Currently, I am writing from Grindelwald, Switzerland. Just a couple days back, we were in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout my trip I will have the opportunity… Read More

Three Countries, Two Continents, One Outfit

Since the flight for my weekend trip was out of Brussels, Belgium, it seemed only fitting that we try the famous Belgian chocolate that everyone has been raving about. We contently indulged upon waffles the size of our… Read More

A Piece of Pai

Northern Thailand is such a beautiful place with lots of mountains, trees and fresh air. I fell in love with the little hippie town known as Pai. It’s pronounced like “pie,” unless you’re speaking to a Thai person… Read More

BudaBEST Place Ever

As I sat waiting for my plane to Budapest I toggled back and forth between San Diego and Budapest on my I-phone weather application. San Diego was supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny (typical) and Budapest was… Read More

A Guide to Singapore and Southeast Asia

Hello everyone! Well, this marks my final post for SDSU: Be International! For this one, I am going to provide a brief guide to Singapore and several other nations that I traveled to while in Southeast Asia.

7 Things You Should Bring to China

Before coming to China, I had a rough idea about what I should pack. Now that I have been living in China for a couple of months, there are definitely some things that I wish I packed more… Read More

Tips for When You Arrive at Your Study Abroad Destination

Your first couple of weeks at your study abroad location can be one of the most exciting, confusing, emotional and life-enhancing times of your life. I have created a list of some important things to do or try out… Read More