My Three Day Adventure in Cape Coast

Last weekend, we took a trip to Cape Coast, which was one full of many emotions and memories that I will never forget. Cape Coast is the capital of the central region, in south Ghana. It became heavily influenced by the British due to being used as a trading port and its role in the transatlantic slave trade. Although the city is healing from the trauma, it is still struggling economically.

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My New Zealand Road Trip: Part Two

My three weeks traveling throughout New Zealand have come to an end, and my trip has left me in awe of the spectacular scenery and natural wonder of this amazing country. I spent two weeks driving through the South Island in a rental car, and then explored the North Island for the third week in a minivan modified to include a refrigerator, cookware and a small bed. My campervan journey through New Zealand was incredible, and because my words can’t come close to doing the experience the justice it deserves, I invite you to take a look at the best pictures I took over the second part of my trip.

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