My New Zealand Road Trip: Part Two

My three weeks traveling throughout New Zealand have come to an end, and my trip has left me in awe of the spectacular scenery and natural wonder of this amazing country. I spent two weeks driving through the… Read More

Wish You Were Here!

I have been collecting post cards from every city I’ve visited over the past few months. Some of them feature photos of a destination’s most famous attractions, while others simply state “Greetings from…”. Although I haven’t been able to send… Read More

Grazie for the Opportunity!

One of the most pleasant surprises I got from the University of Mannheim is that students do not get one but two weeks of spring break! Once I heard that I was beyond excited because that meant I… Read More

Who Do I Travel With?

One of the best aspects about studying abroad is traveling abroad. Being in an entirely different area of the world, you are given new opportunities to go places that you would never be able to go if you… Read More

Taiwanese Nasreen

After the Chinese New Year, my cousin and I had planned to travel to Taiwan. It was so cool to know that traveling in Asia, while in Asia, is extremely cheap and is a must if you’re planning… Read More

Spring in Venice

I walked along the Lido Beach, the sun kissing my skin and leaving its red lipstick all over my white body. It’s almost comforting being sunburned — all that means to me is I spent much-needed time in… Read More

My New Zealand Road Trip: Part One

After a grueling three weeks of testing, writing papers and putting together presentations, I’ve finally reached the the promised land that is the two week mid-semester break. Similar to SDSU, at my university in New Zealand the due… Read More

Twenty-Nine Cities, Six Countries and Counting …

Yup, you sure did read that right. In the 94 days that I have already spent in Europe, I have been able to cover 29 cities and six countries (bottom of this blog post will have my running list… Read More

Crossing Three Seasons During Spring Break

One of the things I love about studying in the U.S. is that we have all kinds of breaks. Can you believe that one month after getting back from Winter Break everyone starts to think about where to… Read More

The Festival of Fire

Calling all pyromaniacs in the world! Yes, you read that right: There’s a full week in Spain dedicated to FIRE! Before you watch the video of my short 12-hour day in Valencia to see the festivities, let me give… Read More