Chinese Nasreen

Nĭ hăo! Wŏ jiào, Nasreen! Hello! I am called, Nasreen! Learning the language Mandarin is incredible! I cannot believe I have never thought to learn it, let alone come explore the Chinese world. But here I am.

Taiwanese Nasreen

After the Chinese New Year, my cousin and I had planned to travel to Taiwan. It was so cool to know that traveling in Asia, while in Asia, is extremely cheap and is a must if you’re planning… Read More

New Place, New Year x 2

It has always been traditional for me to be at home on New Year’s. This year, I was in two homes for two New Year’s. When I came to China, I did not know that the Lunar New… Read More

First Impressions of New Place

I started writing this on a United Airlines airplane, slowly realizing that I was heading to a new home with only five recognizable faces for the next six months. Things will be difficult – getting adjusted, learning the… Read More

A Glimpse into the Future

In Thailand, the year is 2560. Although it technically is the same year here as anywhere else in the world, because Thais go by the Buddhist calendar, everyone refers to this year as 2560. The planners, calendars and… Read More

Hong Kong and “The Monkey King”

Greetings from Macau! Today I wanted to discuss my trip to Hong Kong as well as a theater show I saw just last week at the Sands Cotai Theater, “The Monkey King.”

A Rough Start … and a New Favorite Hangout!

Greetings from Macau!  I want to start this post by reviewing some of the complications I faced while coming to my exchange program. First, I was stuck in Seattle, as one of my connecting flights in China was… Read More

Sawadee Ka to a New Way of Life

I am currently sitting in a cafe in Nimman, Chiang Mai, a place I like to think of as the SoHo of Thailand. The streets are filled with hip restaurants, massage studios and thrift stores. The cute cozy… Read More

VIDEO: Two Weeks of Teaching and Traveling in Thailand

I wanted to encapsulate my experience overseas by compiling a video to share with anyone intrigued by the thought of visiting Thailand someday. Here is a glimpse of the breathtaking landscapes, jovial citizens and beautiful traditions of Chiang Rai, Thailand that… Read More

If You Had Two Weeks To Live, Where Would You Go?

I grew up as a military brat with parents in helping professions. Naturally, I have long had the desire to travel the world and contribute to assisting a community in Southeast Asia. For my time abroad, I chose to… Read More