A Glimpse into the Future

In Thailand, the year is 2560. Although it technically is the same year here as anywhere else in the world, because Thais go by the Buddhist calendar, everyone refers to this year as 2560. The planners, calendars and… Read More

Sawadee Ka to a New Way of Life

I am currently sitting in a cafe in Nimman, Chiang Mai, a place I like to think of as the SoHo of Thailand. The streets are filled with hip restaurants, massage studios and thrift stores. The cute cozy… Read More

VIDEO: Two Weeks of Teaching and Traveling in Thailand

I wanted to encapsulate my experience overseas by compiling a video to share with anyone intrigued by the thought of visiting Thailand someday. Here is a glimpse of the breathtaking landscapes, jovial citizens and beautiful traditions of Chiang Rai, Thailand that… Read More

If You Had Two Weeks To Live, Where Would You Go?

I grew up as a military brat with parents in helping professions. Naturally, I have long had the desire to travel the world and contribute to assisting a community in Southeast Asia. For my time abroad, I chose to… Read More

Release Your Expectations

We all do it. We make expectations for how we want certain things to turn out, on a small and large scale. Well, I’m no different. I had high expectations for my adventures abroad in Southeast Asia from… Read More

Follow Your Heart

This past weekend I competed in the 7.5 km Singha Obstacle Run VI in Phetchaburi, Thailand. It started out as a weekend of doubts but soon turned into a weekend of fulfillment and accomplishment.

A New Year for Thais and Tiffany

This past week was full of celebrations for the community of Thailand and myself. The Thai New Year, also known as the Songkran festival, was April 13-15. My personal celebration was my first birthday outside of the US.

A Mountain On Fire

This past weekend some friends and I went up to Chiang Dao National Park in Northern Thailand in hopes of hiking Thailand’s third tallest peak, Doi Luang Chiang Dao. It turned out that a weekend for hiking would… Read More

On My Own, But Never Alone

I’ve read multiple blogs about how traveling alone can be a dangerous thing for women, but not just because of the scares that we’re all aware of, but because of the independent woman that it will change her into…. Read More

Do You Sell French Fries?

Hello everyone! In this week’s vlog, I talk about culture shock in Thailand and a few things I noticed that are different than the culture in the United States.