Five Truths about Traveling Alone

This past weekend was the first time I have traveled solo to another country. The first time I took in the culture of a new city by myself. The first time during my study abroad experience being truly… Read More

Eight Pre-Departure Study Abroad Tips

Applying to scholarships might seem like a daunting task that takes a lot of time, but it is worth it in the end.

Observations About Mannheim

My first semester in Mannheim is coming to an end. Because of finals, it didn’t really hit me that some of us are at the end of our exchange program. I want to point out a couple of… Read More

My First No-Phone Day

The iPhone 7 came out a month ago with all kinds of fancy technology. Naturally, my phone dropped on the ground and the screen cracked. I thought it would survive until Black Friday, but to my dismay, it died yesterday…. Read More

Tips for Traveling to Japan

Most students will take the opportunity to travel around Japan before starting school, and you should. After ending up barreling down the streets of Tokyo with two large pieces of luggage, late for my bus to the airport, feet worn… Read More

5 Things to do in Bali

If you’re studying in Australia, you get two “stu-vac” (study vacation) weeks. One week off mid-semester and another week off right before finals. Sadly, nobody really studies during these periods and travels instead. In no way, shape, or form… Read More

A Proper UK Welcome

I love everything about England, so studying abroad here is a dream come true. I’ve imagined what living in England would be like and it’s everything I’ve pictured and more; from the people, the cloudy weather, the history… Read More

Living Vegan in Sweden: First Impressions

When I arrived in Sweden, I was a little worried about finding food easily since being vegan doesn’t present you with the most accessible of food options. The first two or three days I was too jet-lagged to… Read More

Six Things I Learned in My Sophomore Year

How’s everyone’s first week of school so far? I’m so excited to be back to school as a junior! But first I’d like to offer some suggestions to those new sophomores.

The (Bumpy) Road to Sydney

The 10 day road trip from Cairns (pronounced Cans) to Sydney wouldn’t have been the same without the two speeding tickets, cracked windshield and small fender bender. These few hiccups didn’t stop my sister and I from having a great… Read More