A Day to Myself 

After having a full night’s rest, I knew that I would be able to take more advantage of today, as opposed to yesterday’s insomnia-driven (yet still fun) day. I started the day with a morning jog to Barceloneta,… Read More

New Place, New Year x 2

It has always been traditional for me to be at home on New Year’s. This year, I was in two homes for two New Year’s. When I came to China, I did not know that the Lunar New… Read More

First Impressions of New Place

I started writing this on a United Airlines airplane, slowly realizing that I was heading to a new home with only five recognizable faces for the next six months. Things will be difficult – getting adjusted, learning the… Read More

Spain is too chill for me

Oh Spain, such a beautiful country that I am still not used to. It’s been over a month since I arrived and even though I am accustomed to being here and honestly didn’t really get home sick, there… Read More

A Glimpse into the Future

In Thailand, the year is 2560. Although it technically is the same year here as anywhere else in the world, because Thais go by the Buddhist calendar, everyone refers to this year as 2560. The planners, calendars and… Read More

A New Appreciation For Coffee

Greetings from Costa Rica! It´s been about two and a half weeks now and I just completed my IVHQ volunteer project in Monte Verde. La Bella Tica Coffee Farm is owned and run by Oldemar and his wife… Read More

The Bad and the Good of Seoul

After being in Korea for more than three months it is safe to say that I have noticed some things I am not particularly fond of. These are things that not everyone does, but I have noticed them more often… Read More

Canterbury Tales: A Modern Version

It was raining when I arrived in England last Saturday. Having anticipated the U.K. to be a bit wetter than San Diego, I had gone out weeks before to buy rain gear — gear that was now buried at… Read More

Passing Judgement: Amazon Boat Rides, Cultures, Giant Moths and Cariacu

The second two places I visited had my mind working a million miles and hour and jumping around like an Amazonian spider.

Five Reasons I’m Still Alive

Before I left for Ecuador, a good 90 percent of the people I told about my upcoming trip warned me that it was too dangerous, the country too unstable, that I was going to get sick, die in an earthquake,… Read More