Coming Full Circle

Though I am still in Europe, my time in France has come to an end. The semester ended two weeks ago, and I am finishing up my last bit of travels as I write this. It is now… Read More

And Then the Sun Came Out

I hope this does not surprise anyone, but Europe is much colder than California. I witnessed this firsthand four months ago when I arrived in London. I had just flown into the coldest winter that I have ever… Read More

Building Up to This

Guten Tag from Marburg! Spring is in full bloom here (for now, as Germany’s weather is completely unpredictable) and with classes starting, a little sunshine is just what we need. Coming from San Diego, I was sure that… Read More

Studying Abroad Is Hard

Exploring new countries. Seeing new things that most people only dream of. Making new friends that last a lifetime. Making new memories that you will be telling for years. Study abroad is about new things. However, it is… Read More

Around Western Europe in 15 Days – A Culinary Adventure

My journey to Europe began on February 5, when I flew from Los Angeles International Airport to London Heathrow. So began a whale of a tale for my sister Jessica and I. Over the course of 15 days,… Read More

Yes Parents, We’re Studying Too

When you think about study abroad, you think traveling, meeting new people and having the time of your life. This is all very true: I have made so many great friends and had life-altering experiences while abroad. But… Read More

Bienvenue à Nantes!

I had never spent a single New Years outside of California. At least not until 2017 rolled around. Since my program in Nantes, France began on January 3, I decided that it would be cheaper and more fun… Read More

Meet our Winter Break and Spring 2017 Bloggers!

As we ring in a new year, we’re excited to welcome a new crop of study abroad bloggers for Winter Break and Spring Semester 2017! Before you start to follow them on their exciting adventures around the globe, let… Read More

2016 International Photo Contest Tournament: Round 1

It’s time once again for the SDSU International Photo contest, featuring student-submitted photos from around the world. This year we’re choosing our People’s Choice Award through a 32-photo tournament, with winners decided by online voting right here on the Be International… Read More

Eiffel in Love With Paris

Here I am again. Another bus back to my home in Maastricht after a weekend in yet another foreign country. This time I’m listening to melancholy music and nostalgically looking at pictures of the “best weekend of my… Read More