Welcome to Granada

After four days of non-stop travel in Madrid, El Escorial and Toledo, I have finally started to settle down in Granada; a small but busy city with a relaxed lifestyle. The phrase, “no pasa nada” roughly translating to… Read More

Questions I Asked Myself While Studying Abroad

What form of transportation should I use to travel to my dream destination this weekend?

Leave Your Trust Issues Behind

Spring break abroad means it’s time to pack your bags and head to another country. I decided to head to the home of pizza and pasta, Italy. I actually have a friend who is studying in Urbino, she… Read More


One flight, a layover, another flight, three train changes, one missed train, a bus and a two mile walk whilst rolling an 82 kilogram suit case over cobblestone streets later … and I’m finally moved into my room in… Read More

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for…

There’s a lot to adapt to when studying abroad. The food, environment, weather and meeting new people. But one of the strangest things to wrap my head around is this: What do you mean, no Thanksgiving?!

Experiencing Paris – A Moveable Feast (Part Two)

Bonjour! When I first thought of the plan to go to Paris, I realized much of what I wanted to see was centered in the third and fourth arrondissements. At the very center of this area is the… Read More

The Three P’s Of Italy: Pane, Pizza and Pasta 

“Do as the Romans do,” they say, which only means one thing: carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Rome has so much to offer like history, art and spectacular architecture, but one of the best perks about living in… Read More

The Honeymoon Phase

Just as I was told by my study abroad advisor,  I was on top of the world and overwhelmingly excited the first few weeks being here in Scotland. This was the “honeymoon phase” of my transition into my… Read More

A Piece Of Home

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest parts about studying abroad is being away from your family. Being away from them when I’m at school in San Diego is hard enough, but it’s a very difficult adjustment when you’re halfway… Read More

Transition: It Is What You Make Of It

Every time I meet someone new and I explain that I’m from San Diego, they say something to the caliber of “Why would you come here?” It has made me appreciate home all that much more, and when… Read More