A Farewell Climb in China

Stairs and stairs and stairs and stairs, and just when you think you reach the stop, you’re staring at another 3 mile long staircase. Once I finished up my school program at Tsinghua University, I eagerly took the earliest train… Read More

Passing Judgement: Amazon Boat Rides, Cultures, Giant Moths and Cariacu

The second two places I visited had my mind working a million miles and hour and jumping around like an Amazonian spider.

‘Seeing’ Through a Different Perspective

When traveling it is important to be open and willing to see something from a new perspective.  Other cultures can do the simplest things completely different.  For example, in Germany it is customary to sit and have heated… Read More

Post-Soviet Universities and the American Perspective

I have never felt more spoiled and understood why people have this love-hate relationship with the United States until I walked into a classroom in the country of Georgia. I came with a group of about 18 other… Read More

Five Reasons I’m Still Alive

Before I left for Ecuador, a good 90 percent of the people I told about my upcoming trip warned me that it was too dangerous, the country too unstable, that I was going to get sick, die in an earthquake,… Read More

Living in Britain during the ‘Brexit’

If you haven’t heard, less than a month ago a referendum across the United Kingdom passed meaning that the UK would leave the European Union. This coined the term ‘Brexit.’ This all happened a few days before I… Read More

Enjoying the Simplicity of Spanish Life

For my study abroad class, our professor created our schedule in such a way we have all of our Fridays off – one of the numerous reasons why I adore this professor. He’s from the Imperial Valley Campus… Read More

Getting the Celebrity Treatment

Mosquitos. Everything and everyone is covered in mosquitos here, ha. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but certainly something that I took note of the second that I entered my dorm.

A First Taste of China

You would think that a total of 17 hours traveling to Beijing China by plane would be exhausting afterward, but surprisingly … yes, yes it is, ha.

A History Buff’s Dream

It is safe to say that Oxford is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It is amazingly rich in history and culture. The University was first founded in 1096, so every stone in the… Read More