New Year, New Country, New Adventures!

A few days before we began our volunteer work up in the highlands of Costa Rica, my classmate and I decided to do some exploring along the Pacific coast. We arrived in the country on December 29 in San Jose… Read More

A New Appreciation For Coffee

Greetings from Costa Rica! It´s been about two and a half weeks now and I just completed my IVHQ volunteer project in Monte Verde. La Bella Tica Coffee Farm is owned and run by Oldemar and his wife… Read More

Meet our Winter Break and Spring 2017 Bloggers!

As we ring in a new year, we’re excited to welcome a new crop of study abroad bloggers for Winter Break and Spring Semester 2017! Before you start to follow them on their exciting adventures around the globe, let… Read More

2016 International Photo Contest Tournament: Round 1

It’s time once again for the SDSU International Photo contest, featuring student-submitted photos from around the world. This year we’re choosing our People’s Choice Award through a 32-photo tournament, with winners decided by online voting right here on the Be International… Read More

The Osa

To be honest, before actually coming down here, Costa Rica had always been pretty far down on my list of countries to visit. It is a sort of Diet Latin America – a commercialized, well-trodden travel destination where the only… Read More

Down in Mexico

A couple years ago, I went to Zimbabwe with my mother. I was born there, and some combination of my immediate family will fly out there every couple years or so. En route to Zimbabwe from the US,… Read More

My Mountain

My flight to San Jose felt like it was yesterday. I remember landing and looking out the window. I remember walking outside and seeing the giant green mountains in the distance. It’s surreal that I’ll be leaving in… Read More

Never Too Far From Family

I hadn’t realized how disconnected I was from my extended family until I encountered my Mama Tica. My Mama Tica (my host mom) sits with Erin and me for every meal she serves us. Our conversations range anywhere… Read More

Make It Count

I woke up at 4:30 am from an uncomfortable nap, only to find out I still had two and a half hours left before the plane would land in El Salvador where I was supposed to catch my… Read More