7,000 Miles Away

Before leaving to study abroad, I was advised not to become involved in a relationship. I heard many stories about couples breaking up over long distance, students deciding not to study abroad because they didn’t want to leave their significant other or deciding not to study abroad at the last minute because they entered a new relationship.

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It’s China

School has started once again, so I’m back to my usual routine in Xiamen. I had a wonderful winter break backpacking around China; it was filled with adventure and great new experiences! I first started traveling with two friends, from China and Germany, and half way through the trip I started traveling alone. Even though it’s nice to travel with friends, I highly recommend traveling on your own for a bit, just for the experience. Continue reading “It’s China”

Culture Shock: Part 1

Culture shock. You’re bound to get it sooner or later while studying abroad. In these past seven weeks I’ve experienced quite a bit of it myself, and so has my friend, Frida.

In this video, Frida and I discuss three main culture shocks: WeChat and blocked websites, taking pictures and staring. But it doesn’t end there! We are constantly being surprised! Continue reading “Culture Shock: Part 1”

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