Welcome To Xiamen

It has already been three weeks since I arrived in China to study Mandarin Chinese at Xiamen University. These first weeks have been busy with paperwork for my school registration and residence permit, but I finally feel more at ease now that it’s finished!

I’ve made a short compilation of what life has been like so far in Xiamen, including exploring the campus and city, attending classes, and trying out some new food. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you!


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“Sciencing” in Japan

Hello all! My name is Sara, a third year student at SDSU majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Chinese.

I recently finished a research summer program, the Amgen Scholars Program, in Japan. Thanks to the Amgen Foundation, I was able to conduct research at the laboratory of plasma membrane and nuclear signaling at Kyoto University, under the guidance of Yoshimura-sensei and Kumeta-sensei. I made a brief video about my experiences in Japan, such as visiting temples and shrines, attending scientific seminars, and attending field trips with my program, etc. I hope you enjoy watching it! Please feel free to ask questions or comment about my experiences.


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