International Student Voices: Mohamed Amine Abassi

This spring, the International Student Center hosted the International Student Essay Contest where students were encouraged to describe life “in their shoes.” The response was overwhelming and inspiring. Be International is excited to highlight SDSU’s outstanding international students by presenting some of these submissions. In our first installment in this series, we meet aerospace engineering graduate student Mohamed Amine Abassi. Abassi shares his harrowing experience in the Tunisian military and how, through perseverance, he was able to break free to pursue his dreams in the United States.

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The Dream Continues

Our time in Séguret — although very, very hot — was very refreshing for the mind. During our time there we had the opportunity to visit Vaison La Romaine, a beautiful town with Roman ruins and also Le Naturoptére, an interactive insect museum in Sérignan du Comtat. At the end of each evening we made our way back in Séguret to have a wonderful dinner cooked by Brigette and Norbet Langlet, who together run L’Atelier de Séguret where we stayed.

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