Everyone Should Know What it’s Like to Go it Alone

I’m sitting in my cozy Rotterdam apartment, coffee in hand, rushing to finish assignments that are due on blackboard in less than an hour. I swear, I’m usually better about not procrastinating, but life as a student-traveler has it’s distractions.

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Solo Adventure in Yeouido

Overall, I would say I am a rational person. However, I do get those impulsive tendencies where I just want to do something. Being in a different country has sparked the feeling more often than not. One of those impulsive trips was going to Yeouido. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where in Yeouido I wanted to go to — all I knew was that I wanted to go. I attempted to invite people to come along, but all were either busy or sick. The impulsive adventure had to also be a solo one.

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Tips for Taking A Train Trip in the U.S.

Someone told me “to travel is to live.” I took the Amtrak Coast Starlight train to Seattle few weeks ago. This is my first time traveling alone in America. I was so excited and nervous before this train trip started, but everything went so well. Here, I want to share my experience – and some tips.

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Solo in the United Kingdom

When I decided to go on the study abroad program to Rimini, Italy my first thought was two weeks it too short. With that in mind I tried to get my friends to do a Euro trip with me before I had to start my classes in Italy. Having no takers to go on this great adventure with me, I decided to do it alone.

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Whatever You Do – Do It For You!

Hi Folks! I am now writing you from the very last stop on my trip. I just got to Budapest, Hungary yesterday, and wow is it beautiful. Since my last post I have been in two other amazing cities, first Munich and then Prague. Both cities brought new and exciting adventures on this trip – and both have really taught me the importance of doing things for yourself.

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On My Own, But Never Alone

I’ve read multiple blogs about how traveling alone can be a dangerous thing for women, but not just because of the scares that we’re all aware of, but because of the independent woman that it will change her into. And they were right, traveling alone has changed me forever.

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