Living Vegan in Sweden: First Impressions

When I arrived in Sweden, I was a little worried about finding food easily since being vegan doesn’t present you with the most accessible of food options. The first two or three days I was too jet-lagged to wander around my new town in search of a grocery store, so I ate some leftover saltine crackers from my plane ride and drank a lot of water. Once I did manage to locate one of at least four grocery stores, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegan options.

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A Reflection

Hello everyone! I’m sad to say this will be my final post for SDSU Be International, but it has been an incredible semester and I am thrilled to share my final adventures and reflections with all of you.

It’s unreal to be sitting in my house in Laguna Beach right now. Just six months ago, I was off on an incredible adventure, and after months of travel, classes, and challenges, I have experienced more growth than I could ever hope to capture in words. Continue reading “A Reflection”

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