How Study Abroad Changed Me

My grand adventure officially came to an end just over a week ago and I am back home in Northern California reflecting on everything I just experienced. The more I think back on this trip, the more I… Read More

American Pancakes vs. Svensk Pannkakor

Pancakes are an American classic; these sweet, cake-like pastries are thick, fluffy and topped with sweet syrup and butter. Swedish pancakes are different. So different in fact, that they aren’t even considered breakfast food. Swedish pancakes have many… Read More

No Ordinary Trip to IKEA

If you take the train about 45 minutes from Växjö you will reach the town of Älmhult, home of the first IKEA. This past Sunday some friends and I decided to go for a visit.

New Vegan Finds in Växjö, Sweden

As a vegan, there is nothing better than finding the vegetarian/vegan section of a grocery store; I am always pleasantly surprised when I find these sections in Sweden because they are sometimes a little harder to find.  The other… Read More

‘Fikapaus i Sverige’ – Coffee Break in Sweden

Fika is an inescapable part of daily life in Sweden. Loosely translated it means “coffee break” however, the significance of fika goes way beyond just a cup of coffee.

Living Vegan in Sweden: First Impressions

When I arrived in Sweden, I was a little worried about finding food easily since being vegan doesn’t present you with the most accessible of food options. The first two or three days I was too jet-lagged to… Read More

Meet the New Be International Bloggers for Fall 2016

It’s a new semester, which means Be International has a new crop of study abroad bloggers to introduce! We have 13 new bloggers fanning out to four continents this fall. Before you start to follow them on their exciting… Read More

Easing Pre-Departure Worries as a Vegan

I am heading off to Sweden in a few days for a trip that will last me nine months. Like most people traveling to a foreign country I am a little worried: Will I have too much stuff with… Read More

A Reflection

Hello everyone! I’m sad to say this will be my final post for SDSU Be International, but it has been an incredible semester and I am thrilled to share my final adventures and reflections with all of you…. Read More

Going, Going, Gone

I suppose I should have known that something was bound to go wrong over the course of this trip. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is common Murphy’s Law, really. Currently, I write to you from… Read More