The Beauty of International Friends

As we all know, one of the best experiences while studying abroad is meeting all the different people from around the world that become your friends.

This was one of the aspects I was most excited about when coming to Istanbul and I have not been disappointed. It’s amazing how much you can learn from people, especially when they are outside their comfort zones, as they are more inclined to speak about their home country and customs. Continue reading “The Beauty of International Friends”

Turkey: The Land of the Beautiful

I think when people think of the Mediterranean, they generally imagine the Greek Islands and the coasts of Italy with their blue waters and scenic vistas, yet stopping there would be a mistake. I have spent time in both Greece and Italy, and yes, they are beautiful places, but the southern coast of Turkey is absolutely majestic.

It has everything you could want from a Mediterranean vacation spot; beaches with sparkling turquoise waters, mountains full of lush greenery and great hiking trails, and within them all, epic ruins from the ancient eras waiting to be explored.

Continue reading “Turkey: The Land of the Beautiful”

Learning to Appreciate the Little Things Back Home

Being abroad, whether for a couple weeks or for many months, allows for one to reflect on how they live their life at home. It provides a sense if appreciation for the many things we take for granted in our life while also allowing us to adapt to a different way of life.

Learning how to adapt is what makes studying abroad such a valuable experience and has helped me grow exponentially. That being said, there are some things about living here in Turkey that drive me a little crazy and make me miss being home. Continue reading “Learning to Appreciate the Little Things Back Home”

Hello From Turkey: What You Have Missed

Hi guys! My name is Rose and I am currently studying abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. I have already been living here for six months, so I’m going to give you all a little recap on my experiences so far.

I arrived in Turkey at the beginning of August to participate in a research project that consisted of 8 students from San Diego State University and 10 students from Boğaziçi University (my current school in Istanbul). We spent about two weeks all together, traveling around the Black Sea region of Turkey, conducting our research, and in all having a great time.

For me, this was an awesome opportunity to start getting to know people and make new friends. As it so happens, one of the Turkish girls I met on this trip is now one of my best friends. Anyway, within these first two weeks I discovered just how fascinating Turkey is and knew that one semester here would not be enough time to truly appreciate the country, and so I have extended my studies here to a full year. Continue reading “Hello From Turkey: What You Have Missed”

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