One Last Trip to Cap Off a Year in Asia

Hello again, San Diego State! This is my last blog since I will soon return to San Diego after a full academic year of living in Singapore. In this post I will show you my last trip before heading home to conclude the great year abroad I’ve had.

The reason I chose Asia as my study abroad destination in the first place was to visit Japan. It was one of those bucket list destinations that I had to fulfill. I waited until my spring break in Singapore so I could see the famous East Asian cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Well, the wait was worth it because this past spring I got to visit Japan for a whole week.

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A Gilman Scholar in Phuket, Thailand!

Apologies for my late continuation of my last blog! Midterms were happening here at Nanyang Technological University and I had to work on them.

First and foremost I want to thank the Gilman Scholarship for helping me fund my Study Abroad adventure. They have also invited me to events here in Singapore. One of them was in the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. I was invited to a dinner and was able to chat with other Gilman scholars and government workers.

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New Friendships and New Adventures

After being in Singapore for a few weeks and visiting all of the major attractions, all of my friends and I were aching to go out and explore more. At the time, we could not yet leave the country because our student visas had not been processed yet. So, our first real adventure here in Singapore was visiting the nearby island of Pulau Ubin. A group on campus called GEM Club organized this event in order to intermix international students with local Singaporean students on a field trip to Pulau Ubin. Continue reading “New Friendships and New Adventures”

Adjusting to Life in Singapore

To study abroad or not to study abroad? That is the question. After months of debating, I made the decision to study abroad for a semester at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

After choosing to become an exchange student nearly halfway around the world, I asked the people I knew who had previously studied abroad for tips and guidelines, and with their advice I began planning my journey. All of my adventure-seeking peers warned me of the headache I would encounter while planning for the months ahead, but I was not warned of the intense struggle to adjust once I arrived in Singapore. Continue reading “Adjusting to Life in Singapore”


One of the best parts of studying abroad is how it drives you to do things you thought you would never do in life.

I can now say that I have first-hand experience with this, as I made the decision to do something that I hardly ever considered doing in the past: I decided to learn how to scuba dive! Continue reading “Eat.Sleep.Dive”

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