A Piece of Pai

Northern Thailand is such a beautiful place with lots of mountains, trees and fresh air. I fell in love with the little hippie town known as Pai. It’s pronounced like “pie,” unless you’re speaking to a Thai person then it is pronounced like “bye” because they pronounce their P’s like Americans pronounce our B’s.

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BudaBEST Place Ever

As I sat waiting for my plane to Budapest I toggled back and forth between San Diego and Budapest on my I-phone weather application. San Diego was supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny (typical) and Budapest was said to be 25 degrees and snowy for my first week in Europe. My wimpy San Diego skin made me instantly think that this freezing cold weather would negatively alter my mindset and experiences traveling. I quickly found that I was naive to think such nonsense. Continue reading “BudaBEST Place Ever”

Familiar Faces In Unfamiliar Places

I’m a little over halfway done with my semester of adventures abroad, and the homesickness is about to set in. Mostly it’s the fact that I can’t call my mom six times a day, or see the Pacific Ocean, or enjoy the convenience of living near my best friends. Consequently, I’ve started to feel a bit detached from home – but it helps when you run into some familiar faces while exploring the world.

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International Connections

Something I never thought about before study abroad was just how much my network base would grow. I’ve not just met and connected with American people, but people all over the world.

The Exchange programme at San Diego State is one of the best I have ever seen, I have met friends and potential professional networks from all over the world. It’s an eye-opening experience to feel so connected with the world, something I have never experienced before.

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