Scotland, the Equivalent of Narnia

Friday night my friend messaged me to let me know someone was selling an Isle of Skye tour ticket that she and a bunch of others were going on that weekend. I have developed a very “why not”… Read More

Amsterdam Adventures

This trip was easily the best trip of my life! Amsterdam is such an artistic, picturesque city that draws you into its strangeness and quaintness.

Two Mini Adventures

One of my favorite things about studying in Stirling is being a mere 40 minutes from the two largest cities in Scotland; Edinburgh and Glasgow. This past weekend I had the joy of going to both!

Round 2!

I’m back in Scotland for a second semester! It was a bold choice for me to do the whole year instead of a semester, but it has already proved to be a good decision as I’m really starting… Read More

Walks to School in Edinburgh, Scotland

Although living in San Diego meant my walks to campus were filled with sunshine and palm trees, I found the crisp air and turning Autumn leaves I experienced last year put a smile on my face.

Cruisin’ with the Royals

After a few weeks in Edinburgh, my friends and I realized that we were studying abroad to experience culture – not just to enjoy the nightlife. So I began looking for places to visit that are special to the lovely city of… Read More

Adventures on Calton Hill

Within my first few days in Edinburgh, right before Uni was about to start, my friends and I thought it would be a grand idea to start exploring the place we were beginning to call home. Our first adventure was… Read More

The Honeymoon Phase

Just as I was told by my study abroad advisor,  I was on top of the world and overwhelmingly excited the first few weeks being here in Scotland. This was the “honeymoon phase” of my transition into my… Read More

First Lessons And Pub Crawls

My first day at Uni was orientation. I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect or who to talk to. As I entered lecture hall, I surveyed the room looking for a seat and found one next… Read More

Transition: It Is What You Make Of It

Every time I meet someone new and I explain that I’m from San Diego, they say something to the caliber of “Why would you come here?” It has made me appreciate home all that much more, and when… Read More