How Not to Study Abroad: Volume 1

I would say that I do not have many talents. I have never been very good at games – real life or virtual – or anything artistic, I can’t play any instruments and I don’t do anything exceptionally well. But since a young age, I have been an outstanding procrastinator. I don’t know whether it is genetics, my (sometimes) crippling fear of failure or a combination of both, but I can put stuff off like a Greek God.

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One flight, a layover, another flight, three train changes, one missed train, a bus and a two mile walk whilst rolling an 82 kilogram suit case over cobblestone streets later … and I’m finally moved into my room in the Netherlands!

I am currently in a double room with my roommate, Maddie, in a guesthouse that is very similar to my freshman residence hall living arrangements at SDSU. The similarities stop at the physical appearance, however.

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