My Trip to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa

The weather has been pretty cold in Germany lately, but it was especially cold this week. The temperature dropped below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) for the whole week. Luckily for me I had a trip planned to visit Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco during the coldest part of this weekend, so I spent my time in 20 degree Celsius weather (68 degrees Fahrenheit) instead.

It was the first time since November that I did not have to wear a jacket to go outside, and man was that refreshing! Not only was the weather fantastic, but also the beaches were outstanding as well. Seeing the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea with beaches almost empty was so relaxing.

If only I brought swim trunks to go swimming in the water!

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Three Countries, Two Continents, One Outfit

Since the flight for my weekend trip was out of Brussels, Belgium, it seemed only fitting that we try the famous Belgian chocolate that everyone has been raving about. We contently indulged upon waffles the size of our faces smothered in gooey moist chocolate. This slice of heaven was the clear confirmation that Belgian chocolate surpasses any Sees, Godiva or chocolate bunny I’ve ever eaten in the states.

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Lacking in Language 

At our first general study abroad meeting—the one required for all programs—students were asked what they were most nervous about. The most popular answer was “the language barrier.”

For me, visiting a Muslim country, I was most concerned about gender roles and my place as a woman in society. But now, during my trip, I’ve discovered language, rather than gender, to be the most fascinating factor. Continue reading “Lacking in Language “

American “Taliba” in Morocco

What it means to be an American “Taliba” in Morocco:

1. There are no trash cans anywhere

One of the first things I noticed when I landed in Morocco is the absence of garbage cans. It’s near impossible to find a place to toss your trash. I’m baffled as to where they put it all. In Rabat, every once in a while there would be a large cardboard box or established pile of trash in a street corner. When exploring different cities, I get excited if I stumble upon an actual trash can.  Continue reading “American “Taliba” in Morocco”

New Cultures and Big Sculptures

Days away from spring break and just moments away from my first exam here ever! School has been pretty interesting this past week; from strikes to finding out I was enrolled in a class that I didn’t register in.

My university, UC3M, had a strike organized by students because of the recently approved “3+2” system. The government wants to reduce four-year degrees to three years with two years of masters (which is more expensive than undergrad). So if students don’t have money for those two years of masters then their three-year degrees are going to be basically worthless compared to those who have four-year degrees. Continue reading “New Cultures and Big Sculptures”

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