Experiencing New Years in Rome

Hello from Rome, Italy! Our group of students from San Diego State arrived here on New Years Eve, and though we were unbelievably jet lagged and exhausted, we stayed awake and celebrated the holiday in a different country…. Read More


Students in my Faculty -Led Study Abroad Program, Connecting Art and Science – The Cultural History of Art and Anatomy in Italy have spent the past four days in Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance. When we departed Florence yesterday, the students… Read More

Buongiorno da Italia!

Buongiorno a tutti! I am very excited to blog for SDSU: Be International as I travel throughout Italy! This space is usually reserved for students, so I am particularly honored to be one of the first blogging profs!

Back to School and Loving the Experience of Italy

I have been traveling at lot in the past month so when it came time to actually start my program it was a little challenging to get into the mindset of school. I grew so used to doing… Read More

That’s a Wrap

As the most memorable semester of my life is coming to a close, I would like to share some final thoughts with you all about what I am taking away from my experience abroad. “Getting lost and finding… Read More

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for…

There’s a lot to adapt to when studying abroad. The food, environment, weather and meeting new people. But one of the strangest things to wrap my head around is this: What do you mean, no Thanksgiving?!

The Three P’s Of Italy: Pane, Pizza and Pasta 

“Do as the Romans do,” they say, which only means one thing: carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Rome has so much to offer like history, art and spectacular architecture, but one of the best perks about living in… Read More

A Piece Of Home

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest parts about studying abroad is being away from your family. Being away from them when I’m at school in San Diego is hard enough, but it’s a very difficult adjustment when you’re halfway… Read More

The Value Of Being A Tourist

Going to a place where you don’t understand the language, can’t read a map, don’t know what you’re eating, let alone what street you’re on, can be very frightening. While in Munich, Germany over the weekend for Oktoberfest,… Read More

Under The Tuscan Sun

Speed train ticket from Rome to Florence: €36. Entry ticket to Academia di Belle Arte di Firenze: €14. Horseback riding session in the hills of Lucca: €25. Gelato €2.50. Taking the best Leaning Tower of Pisa photo: priceless. I am… Read More