How Not to Study Abroad: Volume 1

I would say that I do not have many talents. I have never been very good at games – real life or virtual – or anything artistic, I can’t play any instruments and I don’t do anything exceptionally… Read More

Make It Happen

Today marks my 33rd day in the beautiful and unique city of Rotterdam. I have come to realize there is much to update everyone on since my last blog post.

A Film Festival in Rotterdam

Because much of the abroad experience is spent traveling and bouncing around from country to country, you don’t always seize the opportunity to get to know your host city and country. Upon the arrival of the New Year,… Read More

From Scared, Unfamiliar, and Intimidated to Adapting, Growing, and Accepting: My Last Days in the U.S.

Groeten Uit Rotterdam! Greetings from Rotterdam, Netherlands. My name is Salvador Terrones and I am a third year interdisciplinary major at San Diego State University. Although I have barely spent my second day in the Netherlands, I feel that… Read More

Chronicles of a Foodie

I didn’t realize how much of a foodie I was until I moved to the Netherlands. I thought I loved food as much as the next person, but I stand corrected! I can now describe myself confidently as… Read More

Learning in an International Environment

I’m five weeks into my year at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The initial shock, hectic administrative responsibilities and the euphoria of a new school in a foreign country are coming to an end. Life is settling in and… Read More

My Study Abroad Action Plan

It has been two weeks since I’ve officially begun my study abroad exchange in Europe. When asked by friends and family “how is it, Kels?,” the only reply I can muster up is “completely surreal.” I’ll be living in… Read More

Welcome to Rotterdam

I cannot think of a more perfect way to start this blog than by saying that I have officially settled into my new home in The Netherlands, specifically Rotterdam. I chose to study abroad in The Netherlands because… Read More