Experiencing New Years in Rome

Hello from Rome, Italy! Our group of students from San Diego State arrived here on New Years Eve, and though we were unbelievably jet lagged and exhausted, we stayed awake and celebrated the holiday in a different country. We were lucky enough to witness fireworks over the Coliseum – a once in a lifetime experience. There were thousands of people around the Coliseum, and you could feel the excitement in the air as the New Year approached. People cheered and more fireworks went off once the countdown ended. This was more than a great start to our two-week faculty-led study abroad program.

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Familiar Faces In Unfamiliar Places

I’m a little over halfway done with my semester of adventures abroad, and the homesickness is about to set in. Mostly it’s the fact that I can’t call my mom six times a day, or see the Pacific Ocean, or enjoy the convenience of living near my best friends. Consequently, I’ve started to feel a bit detached from home – but it helps when you run into some familiar faces while exploring the world.

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A Piece Of Home

Not surprisingly, one of the hardest parts about studying abroad is being away from your family. Being away from them when I’m at school in San Diego is hard enough, but it’s a very difficult adjustment when you’re halfway across the world.

Unlike most study abroad kids, however, I can really relate to the country I’m in since both of my parents were born and raised in Italy. The best part? My parents showed up in Rome last week and we went on a little adventure down south. Continue reading “A Piece Of Home”

Under The Tuscan Sun

Speed train ticket from Rome to Florence: €36. Entry ticket to Academia di Belle Arte di Firenze: €14. Horseback riding session in the hills of Lucca: €25. Gelato €2.50. Taking the best Leaning Tower of Pisa photo: priceless.

I am so lucky and privileged to be studying in Rome for four months. However there are so many beautiful and historic places to see in Italy other than Rome, so bright and early Friday morning, two friends and I decided to explore the region of Tuscany, located a few hours north of Rome. Our weekend journey brought us to the beautiful city of Florence, the rolling hills of Lucca, and the quaint but popular city of Pisa. Continue reading “Under The Tuscan Sun”

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