La Huasteca trip

Time flies when you enjoy life. It’s very interesting how every time I have to write a blog I look at my calendar and remember all I have done. I feel like I am on a six-month vacation. Every… Read More

The Mexican-American Experience

I have been studying in the U.S. since I was 14 years old. In the beginning it was not easy to be in an unknown country. The language seemed unusable, the people different and – for me –… Read More

Amazing – and inexpensive – travels around Mexico

Traveling around Mexico is really cheap. The hotels are cheap, the food, the souvenirs – my friends and I have found a lot of tours to visit different areas. About three weeks ago we went to Coahuila the state… Read More

Meet the New Be International Bloggers for Fall 2016

It’s a new semester, which means Be International has a new crop of study abroad bloggers to introduce! We have 13 new bloggers fanning out to four continents this fall. Before you start to follow them on their exciting… Read More

Familia Multicultural

Life is better with friends, with adventures and love. It´s been almost one month since I left U.S. and I already have love in Monterrey. Since, August 2 I have gotten to know 11 Europeans. Life works in a mysterious… Read More

A New Home

Sometimes we believe that nothing can hurt us. That people die, but not us. We believe that we are full of opportunities and that nothing can stop us.

Down in Mexico

A couple years ago, I went to Zimbabwe with my mother. I was born there, and some combination of my immediate family will fly out there every couple years or so. En route to Zimbabwe from the US,… Read More