The First Snow Fall

There’s a common scene in movies were children wake up, look outside their window and see snow. They get joyful and excited looks on their faces, and they run off to go outside and play. That scenario has always kind of stuck with me. I have gone to the mountains where there is snow, but it has never been fresh snow; it was usually melted, or just chunks of very dirty snow. One of my very first questions when I arrived in Mannheim, Germany was if it snowed here. It does!

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Travel with Internationals From Other Universities

I’m about nine weeks into my study abroad experience and it has been amazing. My classes have been great, I adore my roommates and interacting with other international students is enlightening. Meeting students from different countries has been truly amazing; learning about a different lifestyle and what they did growing up intrigues me. So, when I heard about Studifahrten my friends and I took the opportunity and went for it.

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A Warm Welcome to Mannheim

When I arrived in Mannheim, Germany I was nervous about how I was going to befriend people. Was I going to get the opportunities before classes began? When classes began? Will it be more towards the first couple of weeks of classes? What will my roommates be like? Will we get along and have adventures together? Will I barely see them? I do not consider myself a very outgoing person; I need support from an event, a class, anything that can help me start up a conversation.

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