The Best Times and the Tough Goodbyes

Looking back on four weeks in Finland, I can confidently say that studying abroad was one of the best decisions of not only my college career, but my life. I explored places I never expected to see, I took classes that just aren’t offered anywhere else, I met new friends from both SDSU and around the world, and I had the time of my life. So, why were there so many tears the last week?

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Travel with Internationals From Other Universities

I’m about nine weeks into my study abroad experience and it has been amazing. My classes have been great, I adore my roommates and interacting with other international students is enlightening. Meeting students from different countries has been truly amazing; learning about a different lifestyle and what they did growing up intrigues me. So, when I heard about Studifahrten my friends and I took the opportunity and went for it.

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A Warm Welcome to Mannheim

When I arrived in Mannheim, Germany I was nervous about how I was going to befriend people. Was I going to get the opportunities before classes began? When classes began? Will it be more towards the first couple of weeks of classes? What will my roommates be like? Will we get along and have adventures together? Will I barely see them? I do not consider myself a very outgoing person; I need support from an event, a class, anything that can help me start up a conversation.

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New Friendships and New Adventures

After being in Singapore for a few weeks and visiting all of the major attractions, all of my friends and I were aching to go out and explore more. At the time, we could not yet leave the country because our student visas had not been processed yet. So, our first real adventure here in Singapore was visiting the nearby island of Pulau Ubin. A group on campus called GEM Club organized this event in order to intermix international students with local Singaporean students on a field trip to Pulau Ubin. Continue reading “New Friendships and New Adventures”

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