Do Svidaniya Moskva! 

Hello international blog readers! This is my last post about my experience in Moscow and I would like to devote this post to all of the people who made my trip unforgettable.

Working for the summer university at the National Research University Higher School of Economics gave me an opportunity to interact with people from various countries of the planet! And more importantly, it helped me build a network of relationships throughout the world! Continue reading “Do Svidaniya Moskva! “

The Meaning of Life: Thoughts from my Semester Abroad

I’ve made my return back to the States and it is good to be back. My trip to Korea was well worth it. I have memories to last a lifetime and made many good acquaintances.

The trip was educational, fun, and exciting. It broadened my perspective on life. Most people would feel the same if they studied abroad, so I encourage more people to do it. Every trip is different and unique in its own way. Mine was defined by the country I chose: Korea. Continue reading “The Meaning of Life: Thoughts from my Semester Abroad”

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