The Beauty in the Struggle: Experiences as an Exchange Student in Stockholm

If you’re someone who feels like they haven’t experienced living a life full of constant emotions (the good and the bad kinds), spontaneity and adventure, and new people and surroundings, you just might want to choose to travel outside of your comfort zone.

This may sound daring and make you feel a bit anxious, but believe me, this decision is worth it. It can not only teach you more about the world around you, but also so much more about yourself.

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Expecting Change and New Experiences in Stockholm, Sweden

Let me start by telling you about myself and where I come from. My name is Emily Estrada and I am a senior majoring in public administration at the SDSU Imperial Valley Campus in Calexico.

Some of you may not be familiar with this campus so let me give you a little bit of information on it. It’s located in a rural border-town community with approximately 1,000 students. It is highly populated with Hispanic minority students and primarily serves students that come from the surrounding agricultural towns of Imperial County, that include Brawley, Imperial and El Centro, in addition to the city of Calexico. 

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Enjoying the Simplicity of Spanish Life

For my study abroad class, our professor created our schedule in such a way we have all of our Fridays off – one of the numerous reasons why I adore this professor. He’s from the Imperial Valley Campus of SDSU, which is two hours away from the main campus I attend. I came into this study abroad trip blind, not knowing any of the other students and not knowing the professor. However, he and all of my peers far surpassed any expectation I previously set up for myself.

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