Things About England

Since arriving in this country over seven months ago, I’ve grown accustomed to most aspects of British life: rainy weather, two-pence coins and non-refrigerated eggs in the grocery stores, to name a few. But as my time in… Read More

Everyone Should Know What it’s Like to Go it Alone

I’m sitting in my cozy Rotterdam apartment, coffee in hand, rushing to finish assignments that are due on blackboard in less than an hour. I swear, I’m usually better about not procrastinating, but life as a student-traveler has… Read More

Bienvenue à Nantes!

I had never spent a single New Years outside of California. At least not until 2017 rolled around. Since my program in Nantes, France began on January 3, I decided that it would be cheaper and more fun… Read More

Making the Most Out of Study Abroad

Since my time here in England is coming to an end, I feel a great deal of pressure to take advantage of my last six weeks. I’ve booked flights and train tickets to several other countries in order… Read More

Day in the Life: University of Kent

With two months already gone by in England, it feels like I’ve finally established a routine to my weekdays. Here’s what I get up to on a normal school day at Kent.

Some Thoughts Regarding Kent

Having been in England for about six weeks now, I’ve tried to visit as many places as I could while spending the least amount of money. Fortunately for myself and other fellow students, traveling around Kent is quite… Read More

A Proper UK Welcome

I love everything about England, so studying abroad here is a dream come true. I’ve imagined what living in England would be like and it’s everything I’ve pictured and more; from the people, the cloudy weather, the history… Read More

Meet the New Be International Bloggers for Fall 2016

It’s a new semester, which means Be International has a new crop of study abroad bloggers to introduce! We have 13 new bloggers fanning out to four continents this fall. Before you start to follow them on their exciting… Read More

Living in Britain during the ‘Brexit’

If you haven’t heard, less than a month ago a referendum across the United Kingdom passed meaning that the UK would leave the European Union. This coined the term ‘Brexit.’ This all happened a few days before I… Read More

A History Buff’s Dream

It is safe to say that Oxford is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It is amazingly rich in history and culture. The University was first founded in 1096, so every stone in the… Read More