Around Western Europe in 15 Days – A Culinary Adventure

My journey to Europe began on February 5, when I flew from Los Angeles International Airport to London Heathrow. So began a whale of a tale for my sister Jessica and I. Over the course of 15 days, we visited London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Munich, Germany; and at last reached Marburg, Germany, where I’ll be studying for the next four months.

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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (But It Sure Did Wake Them Up)

After a grueling 15 hours of flights as well as a four-hour layover, nothing sounds more appealing than settling in for a long night of sleep at your accommodations. While studying abroad, the five star hotel experience is not exactly guaranteed; however, you’ll take next to anything at that point. This is exactly how my classmates and I felt as we slumped off the bus outside of our hostel when we arrived in Dublin.

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