Differences Between Denmark and the USA

I have been studying abroad for more than a month this summer in Copenhagen, Denmark. During my time here, I have had amazing experiences that have left me with beautiful memories and have taught me a lot. For my first post, I would like to share the differences I found between Denmark and the USA regarding the time, weather, clothing, and transportation. These are things I personally experienced during my summer in Denmark; however, each person might experience something different. 


The time in which the sun rises and sets is different from what we are used to in San Diego. It starts to get dark at 10 pm, and it starts to get bright around 4 am. When I first arrived, I woke up at 5 am, thinking it was already 9 am, but when I checked my phone, it was so early, and it was hard to fall asleep again because it was so bright outside.


The weather in Denmark sometimes is a little crazy because it changes as time passes. In the morning, it might be cloudy, then it starts to rain for a couple of minutes, and then it is sunny. YES! It rains during the summer, and an umbrella is not the best choice to avoid getting wet. Most of the time, it is windy with or without rain. The wind is so strong that it makes it hard to bike fast. I would say a raincoat would be the best choice, especially if you bike to school like me. 


Coats and sweaters during the summer are very common. The summer here is cold, especially at night. Sometimes when it is warm, the weather is perfect weather to be at the beach, but it isn’t as hot as in San Diego. Long dresses are also typical because of the strong winds. I would not recommend wearing a short dress. 


My main form of transportation around the city is biking. I would say that it is the most common one since I have seen more bikes on the streets than cars. Also, I have not seen as many parking spaces for cars as in San Diego. Biking is one of the best experiences I have had. I can go anywhere anytime and feel safer riding my bike at night than waiting for the train. Many train stations are underground, and at night it could be a little scary if you ride by yourself. To ride the train and the bus, all you need is a card that you get at a machine located at the train station’s entrance. 

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