Lacking in Language 

At our first general study abroad meeting—the one required for all programs—students were asked what they were most nervous about. The most popular answer was “the language barrier.”

For me, visiting a Muslim country, I was most concerned about gender roles and my place as a woman in society. But now, during my trip, I’ve discovered language, rather than gender, to be the most fascinating factor. Continue reading “Lacking in Language “

Going, Going, Gone

I suppose I should have known that something was bound to go wrong over the course of this trip. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is common Murphy’s Law, really.

Currently, I write to you from the depths of the Stockholm airport food court, where I will be residing for the next ten hours. Yep: ten. Continue reading “Going, Going, Gone”

Make It Count

I woke up at 4:30 am from an uncomfortable nap, only to find out I still had two and a half hours left before the plane would land in El Salvador where I was supposed to catch my connecting flight.

But then I peeked over to see the blue and pink gradient of the sky amongst the dark clouds, and as the light of the rising sun slowly filled the cabin, I was tranquil. Continue reading “Make It Count”


I chose not to include a photo of Auschwitz because I did not feel the need to take pictures of the sites. I didn’t need a visual reminder of the pain and suffering, and felt that omitting a photo was the best thing to do, out of respect.

Picture a void. In that void, picture an apple. Now picture two, five, ten. Fifty. Is it starting to get a little difficult visualizing that many in a given space? Now try and visualize one hundred. Two hundred. Five hundred. One,.. two,… ten thousand. One million. Eleven million. Now imagine a fire wipes out each and every apple. Bummer, right? Now replace the image of those apples with the faces of eleven million humans. Continue reading “Untitled”

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