A Reflection

Hello everyone! I’m sad to say this will be my final post for SDSU Be International, but it has been an incredible semester and I am thrilled to share my final adventures and reflections with all of you.

It’s unreal to be sitting in my house in Laguna Beach right now. Just six months ago, I was off on an incredible adventure, and after months of travel, classes, and challenges, I have experienced more growth than I could ever hope to capture in words. Continue reading “A Reflection”

Something New

Since the last post, I have realized the apparent contrasts between the American culture that I know and love, and the Italian one that I’m learning to love.

First off, the whole university/college dynamic is a little bit different. The university I am studying at is Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, or UCSC for short.  Since this school is a religious institution, one would find statues and busts of various saints and biblical figures. There is also a chapel right on campus, an accessible way to pray and hear the word of the Lord. Continue reading “Something New”

Falling In Love With Moscow’s Architecture

I feel very lucky to be able to spend my internship in Moscow. It’s one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe. The first documentation of Moscow dates back to 1147!

Since the city is very old, it treasures some of its oldest architecture from different history periods and combines it with modern style buildings. I decided to dedicate this post strictly to Moscow’s architecture and different historic sites. There are just so many and you need to see them! Continue reading “Falling In Love With Moscow’s Architecture”

Forks in the Road

Milan, Italy, an iconic city known for its fashion and culture, has stolen my heart. From its bustling City Center to the overabundance of gelato shops, Milan has left me in awe from its beauty.

Although I am studying mainly in Milan, I feel compelled to share a rather funny story about a day trip to Lugano, Switzerland, a Swiss-Italian town bordering Italy. Continue reading “Forks in the Road”

My Mountain

My flight to San Jose felt like it was yesterday. I remember landing and looking out the window. I remember walking outside and seeing the giant green mountains in the distance. It’s surreal that I’ll be leaving in a few hours, but I will never forget this trip. I’ll never forget Costa Rica.

I honestly did not know what to expect from this trip, and by going in without expectations or goals, I feel that it made it even more satisfying. Continue reading “My Mountain”

Plans Will Change — Embrace It!

I’ve had this post saved in my drafts for about two months now, and I’m revisiting it at a time when I personally need to take my own advice. Hopefully, other travelers out there can benefit from this as well.

No matter how many alarms you set or how many times you check that boarding pass, it’s inevitable that your plans, at some point, will fall through. This happened to me multiple times this semester, but ultimately, some of my favorite moments happened as the result of previous failures. Continue reading “Plans Will Change — Embrace It!”

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