Getting Lost And Finding Yourself: A Study Abroad Tale

I am willing to bet at least most of you have heard a cliché or two about studying abroad. I know I did before I left. I remember reading blogs where they said, ‘When I went abroad, I had the chance to lose myself and get lost in the moment…’ and recall hearing individuals tell me, “Going abroad gives you the opportunity to truly find yourself.”

Now as beautiful as I find such statements, I was not completely sure I understood what they meant. I have never been a fan of getting lost, and I did not realize I needed to find myself. Where have I been? I was asked these questions several times before I left and did not answer them very seriously. It was not until actually being abroad that I started developing some real ideas on what such phrases truly meant. Continue reading “Getting Lost And Finding Yourself: A Study Abroad Tale”

Lost in Iceland

Getting to my university in Scotland was a struggle to say the least, but it was an amazing journey full of unexpected twists and fantastic people who helped me along the entire way.

I had a 30-hour travel day departing from San Diego International Airport, then to Minnesota, then Iceland for a ten-hour layover, and then finally I arrived at my hotel in London. Continue reading “Lost in Iceland”

Living The American Dream

The moment that I stepped out of San Diego’s airport, breathed in the fresh air, looked around and saw palm trees and stars in the sky, I knew I had made the right decision.

Ever since I was a young girl I would dream about one day living in California. I used to watch films and fantasize about going to an American university. I never once thought that it could happen, and now here I am, studying at San Diego State University, and I could not be more grateful. Continue reading “Living The American Dream”

Exploring Nantes Before School Starts


Over the past week, I visited my school, the Audencia Nantes School of Management, and attended the program orientation. The new friends I made at the orientation were very nice and took new students like me on the campus tour. We decided to plan another outing over the weekend. Boating in the Nantes River during the Nantes Jazz Festival was an experience more relaxing and interesting. We had to drive the boat very carefully to avoid the other boats, which were in the middle of the tournament. We had so much fun boating, and afterwards we had a picnic in the garden where local foods are sold. Continue reading “Exploring Nantes Before School Starts”

11 Lessons Learned While Studying Abroad

When discussing time spent abroad, phrases like “life changing” seem to get thrown around a lot. I knew when I boarded my flight that I was about to embark on a transformative journey, but I didn’t realize just how much of an impact my time abroad would have on me.

I’ve tried to pinpoint just a few of the lessons learned while I was abroad, but the amount of change I experienced is truly indescribable. Continue reading “11 Lessons Learned While Studying Abroad”

Under The Tuscan Sun

Speed train ticket from Rome to Florence: €36. Entry ticket to Academia di Belle Arte di Firenze: €14. Horseback riding session in the hills of Lucca: €25. Gelato €2.50. Taking the best Leaning Tower of Pisa photo: priceless.

I am so lucky and privileged to be studying in Rome for four months. However there are so many beautiful and historic places to see in Italy other than Rome, so bright and early Friday morning, two friends and I decided to explore the region of Tuscany, located a few hours north of Rome. Our weekend journey brought us to the beautiful city of Florence, the rolling hills of Lucca, and the quaint but popular city of Pisa. Continue reading “Under The Tuscan Sun”

Oh, The Anticipation!

Here it is: the beginning of a big adventure. I haven’t even left yet, but the emotions are already running high (and not just mine, the whole family’s, too!) Ten months will be the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my parents, my two little sisters, and Tigger (my cat). I had a moment last week when I couldn’t stop thinking “Why am I doing this? Is this a mistake? Will I miss out on too much here?”

It was all the result of me falling victim to a negative mindset, and all the questions stopped when I decided to look to the future. Continue reading “Oh, The Anticipation!”

Majulah Singapura!

Hello everyone! My name is Garrett Hein and I am studying abroad in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. Before I get into all my adventures thus far, I want to give you all a brief look at how I ended up in this incredible and slightly unorthodox study abroad destination.

Currently I’m in the fifth year of my International Security and Conflict Resolution major at SDSU. For my degree, I have to study abroad, but I kept pushing it off due to financial reasons, worries about being the only one in my family obsessed with traveling around the world, and because I was not sure I could handle being away from all of the glorious food in San Diego (Cali burritos, In and Out, Chick-fil-a, etc.). Continue reading “Majulah Singapura!”

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