Going, Going, Gone

I suppose I should have known that something was bound to go wrong over the course of this trip. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is common Murphy’s Law, really.

Currently, I write to you from the depths of the Stockholm airport food court, where I will be residing for the next ten hours. Yep: ten. Continue reading “Going, Going, Gone”

Make It Count

I woke up at 4:30 am from an uncomfortable nap, only to find out I still had two and a half hours left before the plane would land in El Salvador where I was supposed to catch my connecting flight.

But then I peeked over to see the blue and pink gradient of the sky amongst the dark clouds, and as the light of the rising sun slowly filled the cabin, I was tranquil. Continue reading “Make It Count”


I chose not to include a photo of Auschwitz because I did not feel the need to take pictures of the sites. I didn’t need a visual reminder of the pain and suffering, and felt that omitting a photo was the best thing to do, out of respect.

Picture a void. In that void, picture an apple. Now picture two, five, ten. Fifty. Is it starting to get a little difficult visualizing that many in a given space? Now try and visualize one hundred. Two hundred. Five hundred. One,.. two,… ten thousand. One million. Eleven million. Now imagine a fire wipes out each and every apple. Bummer, right? Now replace the image of those apples with the faces of eleven million humans. Continue reading “Untitled”

American “Taliba” in Morocco

What it means to be an American “Taliba” in Morocco:

1. There are no trash cans anywhere

One of the first things I noticed when I landed in Morocco is the absence of garbage cans. It’s near impossible to find a place to toss your trash. I’m baffled as to where they put it all. In Rabat, every once in a while there would be a large cardboard box or established pile of trash in a street corner. When exploring different cities, I get excited if I stumble upon an actual trash can.  Continue reading “American “Taliba” in Morocco”

Farewell Jyvaskyla, Hello Turku

It is hard to believe that in just seven short days I will be packing my bags and head home.

Home is an odd concept though. Over the course of these two weeks, I have learned that home is not simply where someone resides. Rather, it is the place where aching feet find solace, the best of memories take place and the worries of the world seem a little less worrisome. It is not always permanent and it may not even be a physical location at all. Continue reading “Farewell Jyvaskyla, Hello Turku”

Finding Solace From the Unknown

Prague is like something out of a dream. Its incandescence is almost impossible to describe with words, so I feel that a blog post just won’t do it justice. But I’ll do my best.

Prague was the second stop on our whirlwind trip throughout Central Europe. My goal was to write about it before I left for our third destination, but I was too busy living in the moment (apologies for the cliche) to pause and reflect. I had to take it all in after the fact. Continue reading “Finding Solace From the Unknown”

Take Me Back to Praha

After a few hours of exploring and wandering the city streets, I am in love. Walking around the city is like being a part of a fairy tale. I left a part of my heart in Prague (or Praha as the Czech would say).

My great-great-grandfather came to the States from Czechoslovakia, from what is now the Czech Republic, so I feel a bit of a connection to the city and a desire to take in as much as I can. Continue reading “Take Me Back to Praha”

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