SDSU: Be International

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Noelle

SDSU Be International Blogger Noelle is sharing her experiences from Hungary. She loves the fact that Hungary shares borders with eight other countries, many of them in lesser traveled Eastern Europe. As long as she can fight off homesickness, Noelle is excited to discover places she has never even heard of.

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Jessica

SDSU Be International Blogger Jessica is sharing her experiences from Madrid, Spain. She already speaks Spanish and can’t wait to travel independently and extensively. She thinks that living alone in a foreign country will be the biggest adjustment she will face.

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Rubi

SDSU Be International Blogger Rubi is sharing her experiences from the Barcelona, Spain. She is excited to trade Southern California for a truly European cultural and language adventure. Rubi is prepared to fall in love with Spain in what she envisions to be an action-packed semester abroad.

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Kira

SDSU Be International Blogger Kira is sharing her experiences from the Sweden. She chose to go to the University of Stockholm because it leads her off the beaten path and into her family’s heritage while keeping her on track for graduation. Kira expects the chilly Scandinavian spring to be one of her biggest challenges.

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Alina

SDSU Be International Blogger Alina is sharing her experiences from the UK. She has a lot of international experience but never traveled by herself. During her program, Alina plans to join a Brazilian researcher and hopes to get reunited with her best friend.

Aztecs Blogging From Abroad: Meet Douglas

SDSU Be International Blogger Douglas is sharing his experiences from Korea. The Geography major is looking to trace his roots, a little nervous about living in a dorm and excited to speak Korean and immerse himself in a foreign yet familiar culture.

Be International Bloggers Spring 2015

Our very first group of Be International Bloggers — the pioneer group of the Spring semester 2015:


Name: Alina

Destination: Leicester, UK

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Writing


Name: Douglas

Destination: Wonju, Korea

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Writing


Name: Jessica

Destination: Madrid, Spain

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Writing


Name: Kira

Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Writing


Name: Noelle

Destination: Pecs, Hungary

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Photo


Name: Rose

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

Term: Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Specialty: Writing


Name: Rubi

Destination: Barcelona, Spain

Term: Spring 2015

Specialty: Photo