A Week of Excursions

I must commend the International Center at our host University for never allowing us to have a moment of boredom. In this week alone, we hiked up a waterfall, zip-lined through the forest, and visited our French and Swiss neighbors. But don’t worry, we’re studying, too…

Our second week was packed with activities. If we weren’t in class or studying, we were on a bus headed to the next adventure planned for us. Although we don’t have much downtime, I am grateful to be able to visit these amazing places. Continue reading “A Week of Excursions”

An Introduction to the Black Forest

The Black Forest region in Germany (‘Schwarzwald’ in German) is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. As we arrived, we were taken away by the scenery.

We were welcomed by friendly faces at the International Student Center at our host university. They helped us get situated in our dorms and answered any and all questions we had about the town. The town itself is tiny, with a total population of about 9000. Although Furtwangen isn’t a bustling city with a lot to do, I am enjoying the quietness and intimacy that we don’t often get in San Diego. Continue reading “An Introduction to the Black Forest”

Do Svidaniya Moskva! 

Hello international blog readers! This is my last post about my experience in Moscow and I would like to devote this post to all of the people who made my trip unforgettable.

Working for the summer university at the National Research University Higher School of Economics gave me an opportunity to interact with people from various countries of the planet! And more importantly, it helped me build a network of relationships throughout the world! Continue reading “Do Svidaniya Moskva! “

HHS 350 in China — Day 6: Tradition and Health

We have officially passed by April Fool’s Day in China, but we were not able to evade the day, not even in the far reaching lands of Beijing. We had some determined jokesters on April 1, and they came up with a pretty good idea to keep us on our toes. They let me in on the plan to partake, but kept me guessing for the final outcome.

As for today, I think we were all pleasantly surprised and somewhat uncomfortable by the degree of access we had a the Hospital of Acupuncture and Moxibustion CACMS. We were able to visit patients with treatments in progress, talk to various doctors and clients, visit the pharmacy and, in the case of one student, get a personal demonstration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cupping procedure. Continue reading “HHS 350 in China — Day 6: Tradition and Health”

Unpredictable Moscow

Hello! The last couple of weeks in Moscow have been kind of hectic. Last Saturday, when I was entering Metro, someone stole my wallet with all my cards, cash, and most importantly, my US documents.

I’ve been dealing with the Moscow police for the last week, so I could not really go visit any Moscow sights to share with you guys! Continue reading “Unpredictable Moscow”

Goals Met

The last two weeks of my study abroad trip consisted of going to two places that I have dreamed of visiting since I was a kid.

First, I visited Venice, the Italian town built on water. Venice has been one of my dream cities to visit since my mother took my sisters and I on a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was twelve years ago, and ever since then, it’s been a goal of mine to visit Venice. Now I have made that dream into a reality. Continue reading “Goals Met”

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