You Live Abroad and You Learn

Everyone says that you go through stages while studying abroad. After five months of living in Spain, I am finding myself in my final stage.

During the first month you are in a state of shock as people, places, food, and culture around you are completely different from what you were used too. You find yourself questioning what you got yourself into as you struggle to find an apartment and even have to learn how to use the transportation system. Continue reading “You Live Abroad and You Learn”

Home Away From Home

I have been in Brazil for about three and a half weeks now. In that time, I have noticed significant differences between my adaptation to England and Brazil.

Within the first three weeks of living in England, I was still fairly nostalgic. I went through my time there enjoying the new learning experience, making friends, and visiting amazing historical sites, but I still felt like an outsider. Continue reading “Home Away From Home”

Lacking in Language 

At our first general study abroad meeting—the one required for all programs—students were asked what they were most nervous about. The most popular answer was “the language barrier.”

For me, visiting a Muslim country, I was most concerned about gender roles and my place as a woman in society. But now, during my trip, I’ve discovered language, rather than gender, to be the most fascinating factor. Continue reading “Lacking in Language “

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