A Long Layover in Vietnam

One of the best things about studying at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) was the 10-week semester. While all my friends in San Diego still were still studying for finals, I was finished with my semester and ready to travel home. At this point I had a few options, I could go home a few months early and twiddle my thumbs or I could take a detour and travel through Vietnam. I picked the latter.

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My Amazing Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Here at the University of Technology Sydney, they have this amazing thing called “stu-vac week.” It stands for “study vacation.” Right before the temperature starts to fall and the semester starts to get real (in terms of course work), students get one week off which is meant for studying and preparation for upcoming material. However, since it is at the end of the first full month of the semester (April), school not too many students really do the “study” part. So this is essentially just the perfect week to take an unforgettable vacation, which is exactly what I did.

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Pros, Cons and More: My First Month in Australia

Hey everyone! My name is Ruta Gebreyesus and I am a junior at San Diego State University. I am studying abroad at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia for the spring semester of 2016. It is my first time out of the country and I am already in love with this continent. I now know what everyone meant when they advised to stay a whole year if possible. A semester is just too short.

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