Things About England

Since arriving in this country over seven months ago, I’ve grown accustomed to most aspects of British life: rainy weather, two-pence coins and non-refrigerated eggs in the grocery stores, to name a few. But as my time in England nears its end, I’ve started to reflect on things that I hope to remember above others, whether it be for significant, sentimental or just plain funny reasons.

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Friends in High Places

For most international students at university, the end of fall term signaled the return to their home country, where they could once again speak their own language, sleep in their childhood bed and eat all the food England’s supermarkets hadn’t bothered to carry. For me, as I watched my friends leave one by one, Winter Break wasn’t about returning to the familiar; rather, I was preparing to dive headfirst into the unknown once again.

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Some Thoughts Regarding Kent

Having been in England for about six weeks now, I’ve tried to visit as many places as I could while spending the least amount of money. Fortunately for myself and other fellow students, traveling around Kent is quite cheap and usually easily accessible by bus. The following places were all perfect for a day trip, especially when the weather was cooperative.

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Canterbury Tales: A Modern Version

It was raining when I arrived in England last Saturday. Having anticipated the U.K. to be a bit wetter than San Diego, I had gone out weeks before to buy rain gear — gear that was now buried at the bottom of my biggest suitcase. Looking around, the other exchange students also seemed caught off guard, eyeing the dark clouds outside the windows with apprehension.

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