Enjoying the Simplicity of Spanish Life

For my study abroad class, our professor created our schedule in such a way we have all of our Fridays off – one of the numerous reasons why I adore this professor. He’s from the Imperial Valley Campus of SDSU, which is two hours away from the main campus I attend. I came into this study abroad trip blind, not knowing any of the other students and not knowing the professor. However, he and all of my peers far surpassed any expectation I previously set up for myself.

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Spain’s Allure Knows No Bounds

I’m five days into my study abroad trip in Spain, going on about 10 hours of sleep in total. Usually, I’m a firm believer in the eight hours of adequate sleep, but I’m realizing that Spain’s intent to change me is proving effective in more ways than one. Currently, I’m sitting on a bus with all of my new friends surrounding me, lightly dozing off in the peaceful content of an exhaustive, yet thrilling week coming to a close. It’s nothing other than a purely lovely scene.

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Coping with Pre-Trip Anxiety

“The best experience of college!”

“You’ll wish it were longer!”

“You’re going to have the time of your life!”

“I’m jealous!”

Every time I’ve mentioned my study abroad trip to someone in recent months, their response is some variation of one of those statements. Usually, it’s a compilation of all of them. People from all walks of life- current students, alumni, family members, coworkers- everyone has encouraged me in this endeavor. They talk purely of the positives: the excursions, the diverse people I’ll meet, the food, the sights, the adventure, and while yes, I’m stoked for all of that… can I be honest?

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